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Partner Marketing Strategies

Partner marketing goes beyond sponsorship. To take true advantage of a marketing partner’s resources, budget, and creative ideas, you need more than a logo and a bag of branded goodies. In this ebook, read about 5 different ways to take advantage of partner marketing including examples of how other museums and attractions have done it lately.

As he investigated strategic options, Joseph Wagstaff, Travel Industry Sales Manager at USS Midway Museum, looked for OTAs naturally aligned with attractions, which could bring in new audiences and make the backend technology much simpler. This quest paid off during the pandemic, when having the right marketing partners mattered most.

man happy in front of the Collosseum


This moment in time is one of real potential for museums and attractions. As you jump back into the fray of offering memorable experiences to travelers near and far, here are six strategies that will spring you into the future of tourism.


Is sustainability top of mind for your museum?

It’s a big topic, and an intimidating one to tackle.We spoke with the sustainability experts at five world-class museums about the steps, strategies, and situations they’ve encountered and undertaken in the quest to create more sustainable spaces for their staff, visitors, and the world. 

Online event

This high season has high stakes. Summer 2021 presents a unique opportunity to fast-track your venue’s recovery — so how can you make sure this summer is the start of your epic comeback, and not an epic fail?

Hear from Tom Hall, Vice President at Lonely Planet. Tom shared trends he’s identified at Lonely Planet that make him believe this summer is your chance to re-engage a massive audience.


We sat down with four of the winners of 2020’s Best Museum Award to find out how they create a five-star visitor experience. The winners of the 2020 Best Museum Award all have one thing in common: they were all incredible museums before the pandemic, and they’ve emerged to showcase an even more highly calibrated degree of customer experience.Ready to improve your own museum visitor experience?


We’ve invited 5 museums and attractions to share their sustainability best practices to dive deeper into the discussion of responsible tourism and celebrate Earth Day together.

From operational measures to educational exhibits, find out how you can make sustainability a bigger part of your museums or attraction.

man in a museum having a good visitor experience


In this webinar you’ll learn the insider strategies from 3 winners of the 2020 Best Museum award, which recognizes exceptional visitor reviews.

These museums will share how they’ve curated their award-winning museums to offer their visitors a fantastic experience even during an unpredictable year.

tourists experiencing art in innovative ways


We invited the Most Innovative Venue Award winners to describe their experience adapting in an unusual time.

Read on for their unique business survival strategies – and learn how you might adopt some of the same tactics within your own venue.

Case study

How do you make sure that when someone arrives in your city, they’re already planning to visit your venue?

Discover how the LINQ High Roller attract tourists from across the pond and boosted sales by more than 10%.

Tip sheet

Now more than ever it’s important to keep your local visitors engaged and interested in your museum. Immersive digital exhibitions are a novel way to capture your visitors’ attention and give them something memorable.

Our 10 tips will make setting your first digital exhibition a little less daunting.

Case study

In March 2020, the Museum of Illusions in Madrid was all set to open their doors and start welcoming visitors. Then the pandemic hit! When they could finally open in June, they faced tight capacity measures that limited revenue – so they got creative.

Here’s how they opened – and thrived – during the pandemic.


From the Louvre to NASA, thousands of museums and attractions across the globe are keeping their visitors engaged and excited by offering online experiences.

If you haven’t already jumped on the bandwagon, what are you waiting for? You’re missing out on the opportunity to generate leads and attract new visitors.


This special webinar featured speakers from IDEAL Barcelona Digital Arts Center and Zètema Progetto Cultura in Rome.

We discussed the thought processes that went into creating their immersive exhibits and how they’ve reshaped their exhibits to adhere to new COVID-19 regulations, while maintaining their immersive quality.


Reopening your museum or attraction in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic is daunting.

So, we’ve put together a health and safety checklist for reopening your venue with ease.

Japanese tourists


How can you make your museum or attractions appeal more to local customers?

Hear our guest speakers from Casa Batlló and Extrapolitan who share their unique marketing initiatives and ideas they’ve launched to drive domestic visitors!


This special roundtable event features with DMO experts from across Europe who shared their lessons for how you can attract visitors back to museums and attractions, and their predictions to best prepare for the rest of 2020.


According to a new survey, the return of European travel is both sooner – and stronger – than we all thought. But to go beyond basic survival and actually thrive post-COVID, you’ll need to come up with creative and relevant ways to engage your regional audience.


Hear stories from venues around the world on the difficulties they have encountered reopening, and their recommendations for the museum and attraction community. 

Let’s end 2021 bigger and better than ever! Join us for the Tiqets Remarkable Venue Awards.