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The Immediate Future of Tourism: Strategies for Recovering Strong This Summer

Summer is here, and so is your opportunity to make an epic comeback. We met with three industry experts, including Lonely Planet Vice President Tom Hall, to discuss the immediate future of tourism and the top strategies for a strong recovery.  

Here’s a peek into this essential e-book:

  • Find out which six trends will shape this summer for tourism
  • Get expert advice on how to use those trends to your advantage
  • Discover the one thing you can do today to kickstart your recovery

The experts featured in the e-book offered great advice and insights on how museums and attractions can seize this moment of opportunity to send a message of trust, fun, and adventure to visitors from near and far. We discovered that things probably won’t go back to exactly the way they were. They’ll be even better.

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Travel experts featured in the e-book:

Tom Hall

Vice President

Stacey Leasca

Travel writer

Travel + Leisure, MSN, Yahoo Travel and more

Gianluca Camaggio

Sales Manager