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10 Tips for Setting Up Your FirstOnsite Digital Exhibition

Museums and attractions are always on the hunt for new and exciting ways to engage visitors. The answer may lie in immersive or digital exhibitions. Despite Covid’s effect on people’s willingness to travel and visit museums and attractions, digital exhibitions – like IDEAL Barcelona and the Forum of Augustus in Rome – have continued to attract visitors thanks to their novelty value. Setting up a digital exhibition can help you stand out from other local museums and attractions, and it can help you create a more memorable experience – if you do it right.  

During a Tiqets webinar, Jordi Sellas i Ferrés from IDEAL Barcelona and Riccardo Capone from the Forum of Augustus in Rome discussed the challenges and benefits of immersive, digital exhibitions. These 10 tips for setting up a digital exhibition are based on their experiences with immersive, digital exhibitions.

From technological considerations to how to make your digital exhibition Covid-friendly, download this tip sheet for expert advice.

In this tip sheet for digital exhibitions:

  • Technology in museums: How to get it right
  • Assessing your space: How to plan for a digital exhibition
  • Visitor satisfaction: How to appeal to a range of visitors

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