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European holidays 2020 are a little different this year, but despite the coronavirus' impact on tourism, some 45% of Europeans feel comfortable traveling again. Find out more abo what we learned in our most recent survey.

Pergamon Museum entrance

Get inspired by various industry examples on how to communicate the COVID-19 measures in your museum, post-lockdown.

Book pages pinned to wall

From new safety measures at museums and attractions to how to make your venue coronavirus secure, here's what we're reading about this month.

Bringing black lives matter movement into museums

In this post contributed by artist, educator, and curator Rae Parnell, find out ways to incorporate the Black Lives Matter movement into your organization.

Got questions about reopening your attraction or museum? We've got you covered with a host of solutions to some of the toughest problems in the tourism industry right now.

Women With Gay Pride Body Paint

How to create LGBT-friendly marketing for your venue and make your strategies more inclusive.

Two words are behind one of the principle guidelines museums and attractions need to follow as they emerge from lockdown: capacity management.

italian attractions after Coronavirus

Capacity management, social distance rules and the right marketing approach are important considerations for reopening museums and attractions around the world.

Italian attractions like the Borghese gallery

What will the impact of Coronavirus be on tourism in Italy? Some industry pros share their views on the future of travel and tourism in their country.