Booking Engine for

museums and attractions

The booking engine is a white label ticketing solution which allows your customers to book in real time availability without leaving your website.

Manage visitor capacity

Maximise your revenue

Maximise your revenue

The biggest museums and attractions in the world use our Booking Engine

Manage visitor capacity

Implement time slots

Manage crowds and avoid queues by using time slots and setting a capacity limit to ensure you don’t have an influx of visitors.

Attract visitors, even during off-peak periods

Offer your guests advanced day booking discounts, or off-peak period pricing to maintain a steady flow of customers throughout the day.

Manage your capacity

Give your visitors and staff a safe experience by offering a contactless check in system for guests to easily access your venue and for you to easily measure your headcount.

Maximise your revenue

Offer flexibility to your visitors

Increase your conversion and give customers the sense of security, by offering refundable tickets. Visitors will have the opportunity to cancel up to 24 hours in advance, free of charge!

Manage prices & promotions

Implement a variety of pricing models to manage your prices for different customer groups, times of day, or even to reward customers who book in advance. You can also add special promotions to maintain full capacity in off-peak periods.

Create amazing bundles

Bundles are a great way to increase your venues revenue, without needing to do any extra leg work. Combine multiple products from your venue to create one better-value offer and increase your revenue.

Streamline communications

Expect outstanding support

Tiqets will expertly handle all communications if your venue needs to have an emergency closure. If necessary, Tiqets will also manage all refunds requests and related communication.  

Demonstrate safety & hygiene measures

Show to your visitors the safety and hygiene measures you’ve put in place to demonstrate compliance with the most recent procedures. You can also gather feedback from visitor reviews on the safety measures you’ve put in place

Gather feedback

With your sales data and access to your customer reviews, you can act fast to directly respond to customer feedback and trends. Visitors also receive free 24/7 customer service in their language.