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The Tiqets Supplier API Specification

If your booking system is not yet supported by Tiqets, then our tiny API specification offers a fast-track solution for getting connected.

Avoid missing out on any sales, and invest 3 business days of your software developer's time to set up Tiqets API specification.

Easy to implement

Keep your existing workflow.

Don't call us, we'll call you!

No doubts

We'll call you to discuss any technical or practical doubts before writing any code

Auto-generated code

Our OpenAPI compliancy saves your developers time

Solid capacity management

APIs ensure tight management of your venue’s capacity

How does it work?

All you need to do is extend your existing API with endpoints for availability, booking and cancellation according to our specification.

Our system will then be able to connect to yours to fetch availability and push bookings.

Fetching availability & pricing

Share real-time inventory and pricing information

Reserving tickets

Avoid overbookings

Confirming reservations

Receive and manage bookings in your own system

How to implement the Tiqets Supplier API Specification


Get in touch

Let's have a chat to see if your products are a match for our catalog and eliminate any practical and technical doubts you may have.


Review our API documentation

Our easy to read API documentation clearly explains the requirements for the API endpoints.


Build and go

Once the implementation is complete, we'll take care of testing and product configuration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tiqets?

Tiqets is one of the world's leading Online Travel Agencies (OTA), available in over 60 countries, 1,000+ cities, and 18 languages. Our platform helps suppliers of cultural experiences expand their customer base, reach more travelers worldwide, and increase their visibility.

Who can signup on Tiqets?

We engage in partnerships with registered and compliant businesses as well as individual operators. Our focus is on curating responsible, socially equitable, and ecologically sustainable travel offerings. 

These encompass a wide range of experiences including venues, walking tours, culinary adventures, cruises, day excursions, and convenient hop-on hop-off bus services.

What’s the cost?

There are no fixed costs associated or additional fees to working with Tiqets. Our platform works on a commission model, so your investment is directly linked to your success on Tiqets.

How and when do I get paid?

You'll get monthly payments with no added fees. For each payment cycle, we'll transfer your earnings from fulfilled bookings, minus the commission fee. This fee supports platform management, tool development, insights, and product promotion across our channels.

What does the sign-up process looks like?

Provide contact and company details, then verify your email. Our Supply team will review your info, and you'll get a confirmation email post-review.

Next, log in to the Tiqets Supplier Portal to create content for your product(s), experiences, and payment info. It'll be all set for launch after you're fully onboarded. We’ll then do a final check and your product(s) will go live.

How can Tiqets help me reach new customers?

Tiqets provides various ways to reach new customers:

  • Maximize Visibility: Be found on Tiqets website via our search engine. Engage Tiqets app users with special offers and trip planning.
  • Wider Audience Reach: Attract global and local visitors through our marketing channels. Leverage our strong SEO presence for city exploration queries.
  • Boost Brand Recognition: Join our seasonal campaigns and social media collaborations. Elevate your brand awareness through Tiqets' blog content.
How can I expand my reach through Tiqets?

Tiqets offers content available in 18 languages and a variety of worldwide payment options, allowing you to expand your reach to a global audience. Additionally, Tiqets has an extensive B2B network, partnering with travel, media, and e-commerce companies worldwide, to further promote your experiences via various channels.

How can I increase my revenue with Tiqets’ merchandising capabilities?

Enhance Revenue with Tiqets Merchandising:

  • Elevate earnings per customer: Provide sought-after extras like audio guides, VIP perks, parking, and more.
  • Amplify sales via precise cross and upselling: Tailor offers like add-ons, bundles, packages, and combo-deals to diverse customer preferences.
  • Showcase events and exhibitions: Attract local attention and boost sales by spotlighting on city pages and promoting special exhibitions or events.
How can Tiqets help me improve my visitor experience?

Tiqets Enhances Visitor Experience Management:

  • Streamline product and sales management: Take charge of sales, adjust closure dates, and access invoices seamlessly.
  • Optimize visitor capacity: Fine-tune visitor flow by editing capacity settings, specifying daily and time-slot visitor limits.
  • Gain growth insights: Explore sales trends, valuable visitor data, popular booking patterns, and reviews for actionable improvements.
What customer service support does Tiqets offer?

Tiqets provides premium customer service for a stress-free visitor experience:

  • 24/7 customer service, 7 days a week: Your visitors will benefit from Tiqets’ round-the-clock customer support.
  • Multilingual support: Customers can receive live customer service in their preferred language.
  • Convenient contact options: Customers can get in touch via email, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Twitter.

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