Immersive Exhibits in the COVID Era

Incorporating immersive technology like VR, projections domes or sensory effects into your museum or attraction design is a sure-fire way to boost engagement and create a memorable visitor experience. But with social distancing regulations and hygiene procedures, museums and attractions have had to rethink how they approach immersive exhibitions.

In this webinar we hosted a moderated discussion with venues that host some of the best immersive exhibits around the globe such as Monet: The Immersive Experience in Barcelona, and The Forum of Augustus in Rome. Our speakers shared the thought processes that went into creating their immersive exhibits and how they have reshaped their exhibits to adhere to new COVID-19 regulations, while maintaining their immersive quality.

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Speakers for this special event included

Jordi Sellas i Ferrés

Executive Director

IDEAL Barcelona | Digital Arts Center

Riccardo Capone

Head of Tourism Department

The Forum of Augustus | Zètema Progetto Cultura