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  1. Tivoli Gardens
  2. Copenhagen City Hall
  3. National Museum of Denmark

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What's on in Copenhagen

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Kronborg Castle – also known as Elsinore, the castle in Shakespeare's Hamlet – is situated on the east coast of Helsingør, Denmark. It is located close to the M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark.
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The National Museum of Denmark is the country's largest museum of cultural history. The museum's main building is located a short distance from Strøget, at the center of Copenhagen. It contains exhibits from around the world, from Greenland to South America.
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The National Gallery of Denmark (SMK) is home to some of the Danish Golden Age's finest works, alongside works by Matisse. It is located next to Rosenborg Castle and is only a five-minute walk from Nørreport Station.
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Tivoli Gardens

For an enchanting peek into Danish history, Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen is unbeatable. First opened in 1843, this is the second-oldest fairground in the world. The rides are timelessly delightful and the atmosphere is captivating.
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War Museum Courtyard
Take a walk through Danish war history from the 1500s until today. The museum is located in Christian IV's historical arsenal buidling from 1604.
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Rocking and rolling in Denmark's lively capital, Hard Rock Cafe Copenhagen is conveniently located right next to the metro station and just a short walk from the famous amusement park Tivoli Gardens, The National Museum, Ripley's Believe It or Not and pick-up points for bus and canal tours. Basically... it's a must! Sit down and be wowed by the freshly prepared American entrees and classic favorites, and don't forget to look for your fave musicians and musical memorabilia on the walls. Can you spot the drum kit from Metallica’s world tour, or the vest worn by Elvis Presley?
From $31.70
Facade of the museum
The Museum of Danish Resistance is a contemporary museum dedicated to Denmark’s resistance struggle during Nazi occupation between 1940 and 1945. In dozens of subterranean displays, visitors will go underground (literally) to get to know the men and women of the Danish reistance movement.
From $16.07

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Weather and when to go

Due to the warm Gulf stream, Denmark is much warmer than its chilly Nordic neighbors. May, early June and September are the best times to visit Copenhagen, although you'll find lots to do here throughout the year. July and August are the wettest months, so if you’re coming then pack an umbrella or two. Bargain travelers should think about a Christmas visit when prices are cheaper. Besides: Danish Christmas markets are magical.

Copenhagen eats

Copenhagen dining can be pricey, but put aside some budget to try some of the local delicacies, like the famed open sandwich known as smørrebrød! Originally a farmer’s lunch, they come topped with everything from cold meat, to egg, to shrimp and some of the best can be found at Selma in Vesterbro. And don’t miss the Danish meatballs known as frikadeller, available everywhere. Wanna be a real local? Snack publicly on pickled herring.

Visiting Christiania

Right in the middle of Copenhagen, the alternative community of Christiania is thriving. Founded by hippies in the 1970s, the old military barracks are now home to funky bars and music venues, organic eateries, art galleries, and piles of very Instagrammable graffiti. Christiania is also home to the Gay House, located (naturally) in the Gay Garden. This autonomous ‘freetown’ is a trip, so take some time to chill out and people-watch.

What to do in Copenhagen for 3 days

Get nostalgic at Tivoli Gardens

Bang in the heart of buzzing Copenhagen is a wonderland of rides and childhood nostalgia that is not to be missed – they don’t make parks like Tivoli anymore. Tivoli Gardens opened its doors in 1843, so the locals have been coming here for 200 years. Stuff yourself with candy, ride adrenaline-charged rollercoasters, kiss your dates on the gentle waltzers and soak up panoramic views from the Star Flyer. Combining fairground classics with cutting-edge tech, it’s a must!

Travel in the footsteps of Vikings

Join a guide and see where famously mighty Viking kings Harald Bluetooth and Sweyn Forkbeard are buried. Get the gossip on almost 40 Danish kings and queens at the UNESCO-listed Roskilde Cathedral, and even taste some mead – the traditional alcoholic drink much-loved and much-drunk by the bloodthirsty battlers of old. See a burial chamber dating back to around 3,000 BC at the Lejre Museum. And at the Viking Ship Museum you’ll get to see five original Viking ships!

Market shopping musts

Save money and live large by eating and browsing the markets. You can try all sorts of Danish delicacies at once. Head to Amager, on Paper Island, for some of the world’s finest street food. Hit up the huge indoor Loppemarkedet, held at Tap 1 in the Carlsberg Brewery District, and browse over 400 stalls – plus separate areas for clothes and furniture. The somewhat 'hidden' Nørrebrogade flea market, Saturdays from March to October, is brimming with art and antiques.

Take a Grand Tour by Boat

Did you know that the UN World Happiness Report has rated the Danes as the happiest people on Earth, two years running? Soak up some of those smiles and make them your own as you cruise around Copenhagen’s scenic charms on a boat. See castles, old churches, the colorful Nyhavn and pretty, winding canals. Wave at locals going about their business and get the fascinating city history from a guide as you go. We guarantee you at least a few smiles on your nautical miles.

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