Tickets for Black Light Theatre Ta Fantastika

Black Light Theatre Ta Fantastika is located in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic. As the name suggests, the theatre uses the old techniques of black light theatre to captivate its audiences with atmospheric, quirky, and visually arresting performances of interpretive drama.

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Black Light Theatre Ta Fantastika reviews

Apr 28, 2019
Black Light Theatre Ta Fantastika: Aspects of Alice
We went with our ten and seven years-old kids to see “Aspect of Alice”. I would say they enjoyed as much as we did. It stimulated our imagination and made us laughed a lot.
This was my third time in a piece of Black Theater with a fifteen years interruption in between. I found this piece very interesting. There were more human characters that we could see on the stage, what I really liked.
I will definitely recommended if you visit Prague.