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Prague Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is one of the most important cultural institutions in the Czech Republic. Founded 1,000 years ago, the Prague Castle complex is the world's largest inhabited ancient castle and showcases some of the world's best examples of gothic and baroque architecture.
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Discover Prague's beauty from the unique perspective of the river!
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Lumia Gallery showcases a mesmerizing exhibition of contemporary art, where light and technology blend seamlessly. Immerse yourself in a captivating display of interactive installations and stunning visual effects, offering a unique and sensory art experience. Explore the boundaries of creativity and discover the transformative power of light at Lumia Gallery.
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Experience the charm of Prague and book your city card today!
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The Black Light Theatre SRNEC is the first of its kind in the world with more than 5 million visitors! Along with regular international tours and performances in theatre festivals around the world, this innovative Czech performance is one of the most important representatives of the Czech art in the world!
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Action Movie
Madame Tussauds Prague welcomes you with iconic and unbelievably realistic figures. Get closer to your idols than ever before. Madame Tussauds Prague is open every day of the year. It's located a 1-minute walk from the Church of Our Lady before Týn.
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Aquapark Praha is the ideal destination for a day out with the whole family. Split into three impressive sites, you can begin in the palace of adventures, be dazzled by the palace of treasures and end your day in the palace of relaxation. Or do it in a different order; this day is about your enjoyment! For a real treat, head to the sauna world and unwind in one of the 14 different rooms, from the classic Finnish sauna to the underground cabin room. The adventure palace is designed specifically for thrill seekers and daredevils. The six toboggan slides are particularly popular, ranging from the family friendly to the fast and the furious. For a change of scenery, you can head to the palace of treasures, with palm trees blowing softly under the romantic sunset. The best thing about Aquapark Praha is that there is something for everyone – the perfect family day out!
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Tower overview
Constructed between 1985 and 1992, the Žižkov Television Tower in Prague stands at an impressive height of 216 meters, hovering well above Prague's historic city skyline. The observatory is at 93 meters above the ground and is open to visitors.
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The Museum of Communism is a history museum in Prague, Czech Republic. It contains artifacts, documents, large-scale installations, and archival material relating to life behind the Iron Curtain in post-World War II Prague.
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The Illusion Art Museum Prague (IAM Prague) is a step into the unexpected. Across three floors of a historic building in central Prague, guests take their brain on a hyper-stimulating adventure, full of exhibits that ensnare the mind.
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Prague's Astronomical Clock is a 600-year-old marvel of medieval engineering. The Gothic clock tower is festooned with symbolism, and statues representing virtue and vice in human form. Every hour on the hour, the statues spring to life in a dramatic spectacle of religious and cultural significance, while a real-life trumpeter in full medieval regalia heralds the passing of another hour with a trumpet blast. Recent renovations on the clock tower have revealed hidden treasures left behind by sculptors, dating back as far as the 15th century!
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In a historic church, this Prague exhibition channels the daring spirit of Banksy. The church's past includes a stint as a warehouse and a nightclub, before its new purpose today; as a haven for Banksy's art.
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Prague Oldtown and medieval underground and dungeon tour
Explore the haunted history of Prague on a spine-tingling ghost tour
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Franz Kafka Museum takes people into the world of Franz Kafka (1883-1924), who was born in Prague and remains one of the greatest figures of 20th century world literature. It is located in Prague Czechia, about a 3 minute walk from the Charles Bridge.
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Concert hall
Experience jazz where it all began in the Czech Republic
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The Museum of Senses Prague is a visitor attraction in Prague, whose exhibits are designed to draw visitors' attention to the limits of the five senses. It's as fun as it is educational, and offers a unique experience for all the family.
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This is the only privately owned building inside the UNESCO-protected Prague Castle. The Lobkowicz Museum houses the oldest and largest private art collection including world-famous paintings by Bruegel, Canaletto, and Velázquez and original manuscripts by Beethoven and Mozart.
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Welcome to the Museum of Fantastic Illusions, the funniest museum in Prague! Immerse yourself in a fascinating world of unreal optical illusions and get ready for a unique and entertaining experience. With over 150 interactive exhibits, this is the largest museum of trick illusions in Prague.
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