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Norfolk attractions

Top 4 things to do in Norfolk

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Virginia Zoo
1. Virginia Zoo
Virginia Zoo is home to a vast array of wildlife from around the globe, from the humble tapir that calls the rainforest of Malaysia home, to majestic big cats like lions and tigers. There are 700 animals representing over 150 species inside, along with eight themed gardens to explore at your leisure. Make sure to visit the Trail of the Tiger exhibit which houses animals from Asia. With a raised boardwalk over the Asian Forest and special underwater viewing areas for tigers and small-clawed otters, you'll feel like you're in there with them!
Norfolk Botanical Garden
2. Norfolk Botanical Garden
Virginia's Norfolk Botanical Garden has its roots in 1939, although it didn't get its name until 1958. Azaleas and rhododendrons were amongst the first flowers planted there, but over time the garden continued to grow, with numerous themed gardens being added to the grounds across the decades. From Japanese and English gardens to rose gardens, fern glades, and areas that kids will adore, there's something for everyone to marvel at.
3. Nauticus
Nauticus (National Maritime Center) is a science center and museum packed with interactive exhibits for budding young minds. There's a simulated tidepool with horseshoe crabs, whitespotted bamboo sharks, and epaulette sharks, plus a fascinating station about the awesome power of tsunamis. The museum is also home to the USS Wisconsin, which served in the Pacific during World War II, saw action in the Korean War, and was reactivated for Operation Desert Storm.
USS Wisconsin
4. USS Wisconsin
The USS Wisconsin is a retired battleship that now serves as a museum ship in Norfolk, Virginia. You can walk its teakwood decks and explore interesting exhibitions stationed throughout. Get insights into how a naval ship functions aboard one that earned six battle stars during its time serving in World War II and Korea.

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