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Getting about

San Diego has always been a car city, but recent investments in public transport mean it’s never been easier, or greener, to get around Silicon Beach. The charming trolley network should be your go-to for zipping around the center and beyond, but the flat bay area is perfect for exploring at your own pace by bicycle. If you still want to keep it American and drive your own car, there are now multiple companies offering electric vehicles for rental – feel the freedom!

Beyond the Bay

The Bay is San Diego’s focal point. And the shoreside port teems with exciting museums, galleries and trendy restaurants. But venture a little farther afield and you’ll be rewarded with a city that’s both diverse and welcoming. Little Italy is packed with restaurants, while the Core District is the entertainment hub, with stage shows to rival Broadway. And if you’re looking for some nature time, head into Mission Trails Regional Park for a hike.

Dining in ‘Diego

As a city of immigrants, San Diego has a melting pot of cuisines; on any street you can expect to find Italian, Spanish, Indian and Asian restaurants to suit any price range. The local fishing industries mean seafood is always on the menu, and the relative proximity to Mexico means you can gobble tacos, enchiladas and ceviche to your heart’s content. And with burgeoning wine and craft beer industries, you can always be sure of the perfect pairing.

What to do in San Diego for 3 days

Explore a giant ship, packed with history

There’s big, and then there’s really big. At 968 feet long, The USS Midway is definitely in the latter category. But even if you’re not a size queen, the Midway is still a fascinating day out. Having served in Vietnam and Operation Desert Storm, it’s officially the US Navy’s longest-serving aircraft carrier. Now, it’s a floating museum and moving tribute to the 225,000 men that lived and served on this triumph of engineering. All aboard for a thrilling voyage through history!

Surf’s up!

With over 70 miles of panoramic open ocean coastline, San Diego is a veritable Mecca for the urban wave-catcher. It doesn’t matter if your board skills are more Keanu Reeves rookie than golden-era Swayze, the local surf-schools and notoriously friendly locals will have you popping up and blasting through the tube in no time (maybe). Regular competitions and championships mean you can often catch mind-blowing acrobatics on any beachside stroll. Just don’t cross my line, man!

Go get ‘em

A city like San Diego will spoil you with options. But there’s no need to feel overwhelmed – with the Go San Diego card you can ‘go’ with the flow, picking and choosing from a huge list of attractions at your leisure. Brush up on your paleontology at the Museum of National History, go wild at the world-renowned safari park, and celebrate all things brick-based at LEGOLAND. You can even use it to hop on the next trolley, perfect for zipping to the next must-see attraction!

One park to rule them all

At a whopping 1,200 acres, stepping into the verdant Balboa Park feels like escaping into paradise. Named after the 15th-century explorer (and not Philadelphia’s prized pugilist), the park is pride of the city and a National Historic Landmark, with countless gardens and walking trails of all difficulties,as well as a veritable bounty of museums, theatres, shops and restaurants. When your only objective is to take it easy, Balboa park should be your first port of call.

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