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Navigate Amsterdam’s historic waterways on a picturesque canal cruise
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Immerse yourself in Van Gogh's vivid colors, textured brushstrokes, and poignant expressions
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Unlock the secrets of Amsterdam on a city tour
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The Heineken Experience is located in the original Heineken Brewery. Gerard Adriaan Heineken bought this building back in 1863 when it was the De Hooiberg brewery. He then turned it towards the production of his eponymous beer. The building remained a brewery all the way up to 1988. It was then that it became a museum (and hotspot for Heineken consumption). Located in the vibrant neighborhood of De Pijp, the Heineken Experience is ideally situated for a canal cruise, and some city exploration that takes you away from the hustle and bustle of Dam Square. Since 2001, it's been the world-famous Heineken Experience. After a year-long update and redesign in 2008, the Heineken Experience is more Heineken-y and Experience-y than ever before.
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The Upside Down is the biggest Instagram museum in Europe – but it's more than just a museum. It's part amusement park, part club, part magic mushroom trip! Get your friends together and remember to charge your phones; you'll need battery power for all the photos you'll take in this mind-melting world of fun. Explore the boundaries of your own creativity, trick your brain and tickle your senses. The Upside Down is located at Europaboulevard in Amsterdam, just a short tram ride or cycle from central Amsterdam.
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Banksy, Andy Warhol and more under one roof at Moco Museum Amsterdam
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ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo is an iconic zoo and botanical garden founded in 1838. It is the Netherlands' oldest zoo and one of the oldest in the world, featuring a number of historic buildings and architectural gems that provide a dose of Dutch culture alongside the incredible wildlife encounters. Located in the heart of the city, ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo covers an area of over 10 hectares and is home to some 700 species of animals, including Asian elephants, African penguins, net giraffes, jaguars, and more. The zoo is also renowned for its botanical gardens, which contain some of the world's rarest trees and exotic plants. The zoo has a variety of interactive exhibitions, including a Planetarium, Aquarium, Geological Museum, Insectarium, and a Butterfly Pavilion. There are also lots of educational and recreational activities for kids, including a petting zoo, playgrounds, and an interactive science center.
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Leonardo da Vinci's mirrored handwriting
See the engaging world of visuals, sound, and technology at Da Vinci: Genius, the award-winning interactive art experience in Amsterdam on the life and work of Leonardo da Vinci. Leonardo da Vinci is considered one of the greatest geniuses of all time. His innovations and inventions are legendary, seamlessly combining science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and art in his work. Enter da Vinci’s mind and discover how his ideas came to life. Feel the work and thought world of Leonardo da Vinci; rediscover his masterpieces such as the ‘Mona Lisa’ and ‘The Last Supper’ and gain new insights through interactive technology and floor-to-ceiling projections. View the contemporary world through da Vinci’s eyes by interacting with the latest AI technology.
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Madame Tussauds is located in the center of Amsterdam at the ever-busy Dam Square. Founded by wax sculptor Marie Tussaud in the 18th century, this iconic wax museum chain has locations in many cities across the globe, including London, Berlin, New York, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, and Shanghai, and of course, the Dutch capital. Madame Tussauds Amsterdam is home to hundreds of historical and royal figures, film and sports stars, and immersive themed galleries. The museum encourages an interactive approach to the wax figures – so go ahead and hug your favorite celebrity crush! Madame Tussauds has been a central fixture in Amsterdam since 1971, with its first location at the Kalverstraat, before being moved to the Dam Square, where it can't be missed – and definitely shouldn't!
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The impressive Royal Palace Amsterdam, located on Dam Square, is one of Amsterdam's top attractions. It was built in the Dutch Golden Age as the city hall for Amsterdam. It later became a palace for the royal family, a function it still has to this day. Consequently, it's not always open to the public. It plays a key role during State visits and it's also home to some pretty amazing 17th-century art - representing the Dutch Golden Age.
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Make the most of Amsterdam with a city card
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Journey through Dutch art history, from Rembrandt to Van Gogh, in Amsterdam
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There's history in the walls and on the walls. The house itself dates to the 17th century and was situated in one of Amsterdam's most prestigious areas. Rembrandt lived there for almost 20 years once he had established himself as Europe’s most innovative painter. His art hangs on the walls too. You’ll find an extensive collection of his etchings, and the house has also been restored to reflect how it would have looked when Rembrandt lived there.
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