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The Netherlands attractions

Things to do in Amsterdam

Fabrique des Lumières up to —10%
See art come to life at the largest digital art center in the Netherlands
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The best way to enjoy Amsterdam is through its most unique feature – the canals. Choose from an array of Amsterdam canal cruises and soak up the city's history, architecture, and fascinating views! Amsterdam boat tours offer a range of experiences for guests of all ages and interests. Choose from a morning canal cruise served with breakfast, or a leisurely day tour with your choice of pizza, BBQ, or Gouda cheese tasting. Let the captain do the steering while you enjoy a drink (or two) on a booze cruise, or book a romantic evening excursion instead. There are plenty of options! Get to know Amsterdam with an expert guide to point out historic points of interest, showcase classic photography opportunities, and share fun facts about the city. Canal tours are available in several languages and most offer audio guides. Rain or shine, these semi-covered tour boats are your ticket to experience this iconic city in true Dutch fashion.
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The National Museum of the Netherlands, or the Rijksmuseum, has been housed on this location since 1885. It recently underwent a ten-year, €375 million renovation. The Rijksmuseum has over 5,000 paintings (including Rembrandt's Night Watch) and has an emphasis on the Dutch Golden Age. But it's not just paintings – there are sculptures, antiques, collections of clothing and weapons, and one of the finest actively-used libraries you'll ever see. The Dutch architect P.J.H. Cuypers designed this elegant building, and even put himself in the design as one of the statues on the roof.
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Immerse yourself in Van Gogh's vivid colors, textured brushstrokes, and poignant expressions
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The tulip is one of the most iconic symbols of the Netherlands – and nowhere are they worshipped more whole-heartedly than at the Keukenhof. Known as the Garden of Europe, Keukenhof has fields of more than seven million tulips spread out over 32 hectares. The focus is on the mighty tulip, but roses, gerberas, daffodils, orchids, and more all get their time to shine here. There are English and Japanese gardens, a playground, petting zoo, maze and much more to explore. It's open for just eight weeks each spring.
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Amsterdam Winter Paradise
Snag tickets to a winter wonderland at Winter Paradise
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Things to do in Groningen



The tallest tower in Groningen at a whopping 97 meters tall, the Martinitoren has been standing for over 500 years. In that time this rugged church building has seen wars, fires, festivals, and destruction – but it still offers the best views over Groningen. Grab a ticket and see for yourself!
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Unlock the beauty of Groningen and book your tour today!
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When you visit the Seal Center Pieterburen, you're visiting the largest seal hospital in Europe! Every day, a team of dedicated vets and seal carers from all over the world look after sick, injured or orphaned seals at this amazing seal center. Come along and watch the care and feeding of seals and their pups. Learn all about the seal and its habitat of the Wadden Sea, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Seal Center does not receive any subsidies and is therefore funded by donations and entrance tickets. So it's thanks to your visit that the Seal Center team is able to help animals in need!
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Things to do in Rotterdam

Swap the Dutch-style canal houses of Amsterdam for a completely different experience in the Netherlands with a visit to the port city of Rotterdam. See the contemporary Rotterdam skyline from the water as you sail between abstract architecture and modern bridges on a harbor cruise off the historic Rotterdam port.
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Rotterdam Zoo

Rotterdam Zoo is in the Blijdorp area of the city. It's one of the finest (and oldest) zoos in Europe. Enjoy the Amazonica, the Oceanium and daily public feedings of some of its hungry inhabitants.
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The Euromast tower is an iconic component of the Rotterdam skyline, reaching 185 meters into the sky. With its panoramic viewing deck and rotating glass elevator, it offers unbeatable views of the city and its surroundings.
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Located under the Erasmus Bridge, Remastered is like stepping into a whole new world. Using advanced projector technology and Europe's largest indoor LED screen, Remastered brings the works of famous Dutch masters to life. Get ready to stand amazed as Van Gogh's vibrant colours surround you, Hieronymous Bosch's creatures from The Garden of Earthly Delights run around the walls, and a pixel waterfall pours in its digital world. You can even create your own digital art work and set it loose!
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Pannenkoekenboot Rotterdam is a cruise through Rotterdam that includes all-you-can-eat pancakes. It is located beside Het Park in Rotterdam, only a minute's walk from the Euromast tower.
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Unlock Rotterdam! Get your city card and explore like a local
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Miniworld Rotterdam is located on Weena 745 in central Rotterdam, just an 8-minute walk from Central Station. It's close to lots of other Rotterdam attractions, bars, shops, and restaurants. Think big and go where it's smaller.
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Time to get aquatic at Rotterdam's maritime museum, celebrating six centuries of salty seafaring!
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Things to do in The Hague

A testament to Dutch history, the Mauritshuis is located in a 17th-century mansion in the Hague. Its permanent collection, the Royal Cabinet of Paintings, consists of 854 works from Dutch and Flemish masters from the 17th century. Among its most prized works is one of the world's most instantly recognizable and reproduced paintings: Johannes Vermeer's timeless 'Girl with a Pearl Earring'. It also features the whos-who of Dutch and Flemish masters, with works by Rembrandt, Van Dyke, Rubens, Brueghel, Holbein, Hals, and Steen all represented in the immense collection. The Mauritshuis is one of the most essential art experiences in the Netherlands and an absolute must-see in the Hague.
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Escher in Het Paleis / Escher in The Palace is located in The Hague's impressive former Winter Palace of the Queen Mother Emma. It makes for a day of optical illusions in some fairy tale surroundings. The Palace is easily reached by all trams to the Malieveld tram stop.
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The famous Scheveningen Pier just got a lot more exciting! Now you can enjoy panoramic views from the luxury ferris wheel, or test your nerve on the gigantic zipline and vertiginous bungee platform.
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SEA LIFE Scheveningen is a family-friendly oceanic attraction that lets visitors experience the hidden wonders of our seas and attend animal feedings. Its dedicated staff are passionate about conservation. SEA LIFE Scheveningen is located in The Hague and is easy to reach by train, tram, bus or car.
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The Hague


See exact replicas of special buildings and objects, on a scale of 1:25 at The Hague's Madurodam. It's a great place to get educated on all things Dutch, and an even better place to experience what the BFG feels like daily.
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Direct aan de boulevard op Scheveningen.
Come build, play and learn at the LEGO Experience of the Netherlands. LEGOLAND® Discovery Centre Scheveningen welcomes families to the wonderful world of the LEGO® brick. The attraction features many interactive parts including Duplo, LEGO® Ninjago™ and LEGO® Friends™. There are also plenty of places to just play and build with LEGO®, a 4D cinema with fun LEGO® movies, and an exciting interactive ride through a beautiful LEGO® city featuring major landmarks of The Hague.
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The Louwman Museum is home to the world’s oldest private collection of motor vehicles, featuring more than 250 antique and classic cars. Explore it all in this great museum located in the Hague.
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Vincent van Gogh stood at the Belvedere at the Panorama's opening on August 01, 1881, and admired the view from this spot. He said: "The only thing wrong with the Panorama of Scheveningen is that nothing is wrong with it" The Mesdag Panorama is the oldest panorama in the world that is still situated at its original location. Come and explore it yourself at Museum Panorama Mesdag in The Hague, Netherlands, and be sucked into the magical 360-degree optical illusion of a giant 19th-century masterpiece.
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