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Top 5 things to do in Rotterdam

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Rotterdam Zoo
Rotterdam Zoo
Rotterdam Zoo is in the Blijdorp area of the city. It's one of the finest (and oldest) zoos in Europe. Enjoy the Amazonica, the Oceanium and daily public feedings of some of its hungry inhabitants.
Located under the Erasmus Bridge, Remastered is like stepping into a whole new world. Using advanced projector technology and Europe's largest indoor LED screen, Remastered brings the works of famous Dutch masters to life. Get ready to stand amazed as Van Gogh's vibrant colours surround you, Hieronymous Bosch's creatures from The Garden of Earthly Delights run around the walls, and a pixel waterfall pours in its digital world. You can even create your own digital art work and set it loose!
The Euromast tower is an iconic component of the Rotterdam skyline, reaching 185 meters into the sky. With its panoramic viewing deck and rotating glass elevator, it offers unbeatable views of the city and its surroundings.
Pannenkoekenboot Rotterdam
Pannenkoekenboot Rotterdam
Pannenkoekenboot Rotterdam is a cruise through Rotterdam that includes all-you-can-eat pancakes. It is located beside Het Park in Rotterdam, only a minute's walk from the Euromast tower.
ss Rotterdam
ss Rotterdam
The ss Rotterdam is a retired ocean liner harbored in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The ship served as a cruise ship for four decades, until she returned back to her home port where she now acts as a hotel and a tourist attraction. Visitors are able to take tours of the ship, from the engine rooms to the lavish upper deck. The ss Rotterdam can be found on the west bank of Katendrecht, just south of Rotterdam's city center.
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All things to do in Rotterdam

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Building and bridges

Many visitors to the Netherlands head straight to Amsterdam, which was left largely intact after the war, and fail to ever visit the phoenix from the flames just a short train ride away. Along with its cultural attractions, Rotterdam has plenty of impressive architecture, including the 800m-long Erasmus Bridge. The Euromast tower is the highest one in the Netherlands, and De Rotterdam is a ‘vertical city’ of three linked towers of flats, offices, and more.

Getting around Rotterdam

Cycling is as popular here as in Amsterdam - locals love to travel on two wheels. As a visitor you can rent a bicycle and join them in the bike lane! If that sounds too stressful, metro trains leave every four minutes during the day, and every 15-30 minutes at night. Getting around by tram is also quick and easy and can take you places the Metro doesn’t go. Being a harbour city, Rotterdam’s water taxi service can often be the quickest way to reach the attractions and sights.


Rotterdam’s been a center of house and trance music since the 80's, so this is the easiest place in the Netherlands to find a place to dance the night away. People come from all over the world for its world-class club scene. Many of the big clubs are within walking distance of each other around the Stadhuisplein. If that’s not your style, there are plenty of bars and restaurants to fill your nights with fun stuff. For a more laid back vibe, try the pubs on Witte de Withstraat.

What to do in Rotterdam for 3 days


The majestic Markthal was opened in 2014 by Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, which is almost as impressive as the building itself (don’t forget to look up at all those apartment windows). Foodies will find themselves in heaven at this market in central Rotterdam. You’ll find everything from exotic tropical fruits and vegetables, to sandwiches, candies, nuts, spices, sausages, salads, seafood, meats and sweets. Hit up the free samples and you may find yourself getting full without even spending a cent.

Miniworld Rotterdam

It’s like the real thing, only much smaller. Miniworld Rotterdam is a family-friendly trip back in time, to the way things were before the war. Looking down at intricate models of the city will really put things into perspective (and make you feel like a giant). You’ll see real miniatures of Rotterdam’s attractions, like the Erasmus bridge, the train station and Europe's largest miniature docks. A day here lasts 24 minutes, and then the sun goes down on the 27,000 tiny people going about their tiny business.

Rotterdam Harbor Tour

Taking to the water is a good way to see the best of what Rotterdam has to offer. On a boat you can get a real feel for the seafaring traffic that makes this one of the busiest (and biggest) harbors in the world. Rotterdam's impressive skyline makes for some excellent photo opportunities as you glide past modern buildings and architectural triumphs - including the gleaming Erasmus Bridge. You’ll also see the steamship 'Rotterdam', the former cruise flagship of shipping company Holland America Line.

Rotterdam Zoo

If all the concrete starts to make you feel claustrophobic, take a 20-minute walk from the city center to Rotterdam Zoo. Also known as Dierenpark Blijdorp, this is an urban oasis where you can be surrounded by nature. Lots of animals call this place home, and it’s so big that it rarely feels crowded. Kids will love seeing elephants, gorillas, polar bears and more. The animals are divided by the continents they come from. Don’t miss the butterfly garden or the aquarium, or the birds of prey demonstrations.

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