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Versailles attractions

Top 3 things to do in Versailles

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Palace of Versailles
1. Palace of Versailles
This luxurious 17th-century French palace is a masterclass in excess. It has hundreds of acres of magnificently landscaped gardens, more than 2,300 rooms, a large collection of French Renaissance art, an opera house, and a 75-meter-long hall of mirrors lined with priceless statues and busts. There are no half-measures in its conception or execution – it even has more than 1,200 fireplaces! It's one of the most visited attractions in France, as well as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Take your pick of Palace of Versailles tickets and tours – you won't regret it!
Marie-Antoinette's Estate
2. Marie-Antoinette's Estate
Who wouldn't want a palace to escape from their... other palace? Marie-Antoinette's exquisite private estate was a refuge from the courtly responsibilities she endured up at the Palace of Versailles, and it's just as pristine and beautiful now as it was in the queen's day. Visitors to Marie-Antoinette's Estate can explore the Petit Trianon, Marie-Antoinette's grand house, which is furnished today much as it was in the 18th century. There are also manicured, English-style gardens, and a picturesque Normandy village to explore, complete with a vineyard, farm and vegetable garden.
Arboretum de Chèvreloup
3. Arboretum de Chèvreloup
Arboretum de Chèvreloup is a natural escape just a short ride from central Paris. Located on the National Estate of Versailles, the sprawling, 200-hectare Versailles arboretum is a haven for trees and plant life, home to as many as 2,500 different species from around the world. When they're not strolling the oak, fir, maple and cedar-lined pathways, visitors can enjoy flowering meadows, wooded areas, fountain pavilions, ponds, cycle paths, and lots of quiet nooks and crannies.

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