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Amnéville Zoo

Amnéville Zoo is a private animal park in eastern France, close to the border with Luxembourg. The park houses various exotic animals, including lions, tigers, gorillas, and red pandas.
4.7 / 5 (317)
From $30.60
Take a journey through the world's waterways, from the rivers around Amnéville all the way to Australia's Great Barrier Reef! Along the way you'll see life from the Red Sea, the Pacific Ocean, the Amazon Basin, and the Indian Ocean. You'll get to come eye-to-eye with animals like gray sharks, rays, lion fish, seahorses, and more!
4.4 / 5 (107)
From $13.39
Once a monastery, now a museum filled with masterpieces from the Middle Ages to modern art, there's no shortage of things to see in the Unterlinden Museum.The star of the show is the Isenheim Altarpiece, a prime example of German Renaissance work, but visitors will also find paintings by Picasso, decorative French furniture, and even archaeological finds. Spanning some 7,000 years and with 3,500 pieces in their collection, the Unterlinden Museum is the perfect place to get lost for any lover of culture.
4.7 / 5 (51)
From $12.43
Le Parc du Petit Prince is a family-friendly theme park located in Ungersheim, on the border of France, Germany and Switzerland. It is inspired by the work of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.
4.7 / 5 (67)
From $21.04
The Palais du Tau is the former palace of the Archbishop of Reims. It is located directly beside the Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Reims, the site of French coronations for centuries.
4.6 / 5 (18)
From $7.65
The Centre Pompidou-Metz is an extension of Centre Pompidou Paris, and it's located in Metz, just 1h 20 away from Paris by train. It's also easy to reach from Luxembourg.
4.8 / 5 (76)
From $11.48
The Écomusée d’Alsace is the largest, living open-air museum in France. It allows visitors to explore an Alsatian village from the early 20th century. The village features over 70 reconstructed, typically furnished, traditional 1850s to 1950s Alsatian buildings. It is located in Ungersheim, France.
4.6 / 5 (43)
From $15.78
The Toy Museum of Colmar has been celebrating the enchanting innocence of childhood since it opened its doors in 1993. With an eclectic collection of toys ranging from 19th-century rocking horses, board games, puzzles, and dolls to the contemporary toys of today, the museum experience shows how toys and games reflect the sensibilities of each era. Brimming with nostalgia and charm, it's a fascinating, playful visitor experience that reveals there's a lot to be learned from good old-fashioned fun!
4.5 / 5 (66)
From $5.83
Choco Story Colmar is an interactive chocolate-themed museum attraction in Colmar, France. Inside, visitors are taken on a journey through time, discovering the history of the cocoa bean, and how it became one of the most widely and popular used ingredients in the world. In addition to interactive exhibits and some delicious-looking chocolate sculptures (like a 300kg Statue of Liberty), chocolate-making demonstrations and tastings sweeten the deal considerably!
4.6 / 5 (10)
From $11.95

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Amnéville Aquarium

Enjoy an impressive assortment of aquatic life in Amnéville
4.4 / 5 (107)
From $13.39

Unterlinden Museum

See a varied collection of art in this convent turned museum
4.7 / 5 (51)
From $12.43

Palais du Tau

A UNESCO World Heritage Site which held the first recorded coronation banquet
4.6 / 5 (18)
From $7.65
Metz Tiqets exclusive

Centre Pompidou-Metz

Explore this funky art institution and its regularly rotating exhibitions
4.8 / 5 (76)
From $11.48

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