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Things to do in Hauts-de-France

Best places to visit in Hauts-de-France

It's all about the Gaul at this action-packed theme park near Paris
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Located in Boulogne-sur-Mer, France, Nausicaá is Europe's largest aquarium and features a 10 million-liter ocean tank. Along with the usual suspects, you'd expect to see in a large aquarium, it also features sharks, a gigantic manta ray, and lots of other incredible marine wildlife experiences.
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Horses, castles, forest walks and picnic spots – the perfect day out from Paris
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Château de Pierrefonds is a magnificent castle designed and rebuilt in a medieval style by Napoleon III and his architect Eugène Viollet-le-Duc. It is located Pierrefonds, France, not too far by car from Paris.
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Villa Cavrois is the greatest achievement of architect Robert Mallet-Stevens. Visitors can tour the insides of the newly renovated 'castle' and see how the French family of rich industrialist Paul Cavrois once lived. Villa Cavrois is easy to reach by public transport by streetcar plus a short walk.
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Cité internationale de la langue française
Nestled within the renovated walls of the Renaissance-era Villers-Cotterêts Castle, built by François I in 1532, the Cité Internationale de la Langue Française is a vibrant, living tribute to the French language. Dedicated to sharing and fostering a love for this ever-evolving language, this venue stretches over 1200m2 and offers your a rich cultural experience! You'll visit temporary exhibition halls, a performance room, courtyards, gardens, a café, and a bookstore. Consider this your open invitation to immerse yourself in French culture, right in the heart of the unique green haven that is the Retz Forest.
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