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Discover the awe-inspiring Bassins des Lumières, a cutting-edge digital art center spanning over 12,000 m² nestled within Bordeaux's historic submarine base. Prepare to be captivated by its monumental exhibitions, brought to life in a truly unparalleled setting that seamlessly blends art, culture, and history. With an ever-changing lineup of immersive experiences, the Bassins des Lumières promises an unforgettable journey into the realm of digital art.
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The Cité du Vin is an interactive experience and museum focused on the theme of wine across cultures and civilizations. It's located in Bordeaux, close to several public transport options.
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Musée du Vin et du Négoce is a wine and trade museum featuring 18th-century vaulted wine cellars that visitors can explore. Inside, you can taste some wines and learn about the region's winemaking history. The museum is located in Bordeaux, France.
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If you loved the lush vegetation and majestic reptiles of Jurassic Park, but prefer not to be eaten by marauding dinosaurs, get the best of both worlds, with Planet Exotica tickets! Located in Royan, in the sunny southwest of France, Planet Exotica is a must for nature lovers. This sprawling parkland is awash with botanical gardens and over 50 species of reptiles, including lizards, snakes, crocodiles, and more! There's even some terrifyingly real-looking dinos to keep an eye out for. But don't worry, they won't come to life and gobble you up!
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Les Sables-d'Olonne

Zoo des Sables-d'Olonne

Zoo des Sables-d'Olonne is an eco-zoo that's home to around 40 threatened species, including monkeys, penguins, reptiles, anteaters, lions and more. It is located close to the ocean in Les Sables-d'Olonne, France.
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Explore Bordeaux like a local with the Bordeaux City Card!
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These three imposing towers have guarded La Rochelle's port for almost 1000 years, serving as lighthouses, fortifications, living quarters and prisons for the city.
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Fulfill your dream of a Bordeaux wine tour. Take your pick from a variety of experiences that'll appeal to all of the senses.
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Château La Croizille

Château La Croizille is a modern vineyard owned by the De Schepper – De Mour family, that produces Saint-Émilion grand cru wines. It is located near Bordeaux.
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