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Park and National Palace of Pena
Park and National Palace of Pena
This 16th-century monastery was transformed into a royal palace by King Ferdinand II. Not known for his subtlety, Ferdinand's folly is a no-holds-barred tribute to the wealth and influence of 19th-century Portugal. A testament to the power of imagination (and money), the castle is surrounded by 500 acres of plants and maze-like pathways.
Castelo dos Mouros Sintra
Castelo dos Mouros Sintra
Castelo dos Mouros Sintra, also known as the Castle of the Moors, is a top attraction in the district of Lisbon, located at the top of the hill overlooking the city. It was built in the 10th century and visitors can see the architectural remains of Moorish residences, artifacts from the Bronze and Iron Ages and more.
National Palace of Sintra
National Palace of Sintra
The National Palace of Sintra has a thousand-year history. In fact, the original Moorish Palace belonged to the Portuguese Crown, after the conquest of Lisbon in 1147. Sintra has some of the country's most incredible architecture, and it's just a short train or car ride from Lisbon.
Monserrate Palace, Sintra
Monserrate Palace, Sintra
The Monserrate Palace was the traditional summer retreat for the Portuguese court. Visitors can explore this exotic palatial villa, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage site, located near Sintra, Portugal. It's easy to reach on the train from central Lisbon.
Quinta da Regaleira
Quinta da Regaleira
visit the impressive Quinta da Regaleira and enjoy its lush gardens, lakes, grottoes, and enigmatic constructions, including the world-famous Initiation Well. You will uncover the mysteries of each place and have a great time!

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The National Palace and Gardens of Queluz is a showcase for the grandeur of the 18th-century Portuguese royal family. The garden and palace of this Designated National Monument were designed in tandem, so that the interior feels like a continuation of the exterior, and vice versa!
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The Convent of the Friars Minor Capuchin is also known as Convent of the Capuchos. It is a historical convent consisting of small quarters and public spaces located in the civil parish of São Pedro de Penaferrim, in the municipality of Sintra. The convent is easy to reach from Lisbon, Portugal.
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The Sintra Myths and Legends Interactive Centre is located in Sintra, Portugal, not far by train from Lisbon. It provides visitors with an interactive, multimedia experience focused on the romantic history of Sintra.
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