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Laugh, scream, and jump out of your goosebumpy skin at The San Francisco Dungeon

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1 hour
  • Enter the San Francisco Dungeon and explore the Golden Gate City's grim past of violence, pestilence, and greed
  • 360° sets, special effects, and a cast of live actors immerses you in the city's spooky history with lots of jump-scares and tongue-in-cheek dramatics
  • Escape the Gold Rush frontiersmen, thuggish gangsters, corrupt judges, slave traders, and the deadly Chinatown Plague

Long before the Summer of Love, San Francisco was ravaged by a winter of death, where thieves, gangsters and kidnappers ran amok. Peel back the Golden Gate City's shiny facade and descend into its murky, murderous past at The San Francisco Dungeon. A ghastly cast of menacing characters from various chapters of the city's history will immerse you in their creepy world of cut-throat schemes and plague-infested dwellings. You'll laugh, scream, and jump right out of your goosebumpy skin!

The scraping sound of rusted chains and clanking gears will fill your ears as you descend into the depths of the San Francisco Dungeon, and an atmosphere of despair will envelop you when you emerge into the eerie corridors of horror.

You'll be transported to the violent den of corruption that was the American frontier in 1848. The height of the Gold Rush saw blood splattered from one end of the Wild West to the other, will you escape unscathed from the abandoned mines of Sutter's Mill?

If you do, you'll also have to make it past the ferocious thugs and hoodlums of San Francisco's notorious gangs, and its cruel and twisted court system. Then you'll need to survive being sold into servitude aboard a pirate vessel, and for heaven's sake be careful in Chinatown...

Some say there's some kind of Plague going around...

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The San Francisco Dungeon
145 Jefferson St #500, 94133, San Francisco
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For safety reasons, only 1 wheelchair per tour group allowed and only 3 wheelchairs within the venue at any given time. Therefore, waiting times might occur
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