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St. Peter's Basilica

The Renaissance-style St Peter's Basilica is one of the largest churches in the world (and the home church of the Pope). Highlights include the dome (the biggest in the world), Bernini's Baldacchino (the centerpiece of the church), and Michelangelo's Pietà (the only artwork he ever signed).

For both the pious and the casual visitor, a trip to St. Peter's is an awe-inspiring trip into the heart of Vatican City.

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Customer reviews

Annette, Italy
Aug 15, 2017
St. Peter's Basilica: Skip The Line + Audio Guide
Saving my time a lot! Recommended!
Steve, Canada
Aug 13, 2017
St. Peter's Basilica Dome: Skip The Line + Audio Guide
Great experience. Skip the major line up's is a plus!
Hossein j, United States
Aug 11, 2017
St. Peter's Basilica: Skip The Line + Audio Guide
Hrvoje, Croatia
Aug 11, 2017
St. Peter's Basilica & Dome: VIP Experience
Great value and time for money
Heather, Australia
Aug 10, 2017
St. Peter's Basilica Dome: Skip The Line + Audio Guide
It was well organise and hassle free..we travelled with 3 children 10, 6 and 3. It was very informative and enjoyable
Sheryl , United States
Aug 10, 2017
St. Peter's Basilica: Skip The Line + Audio Guide
This system allowed us to cut the line to a self-guided tour of St Peter's Basilica.
Anna, United Kingdom
Aug 9, 2017
St. Peter's Basilica Dome: Skip The Line + Audio Guide
How brilliant to walk past all the queues and avoid the heat. Made our visit so much more enjoyable. Thank you
Syed, United Kingdom
Aug 8, 2017
St. Peter's Basilica & Dome: VIP Experience
1st of all i would definitely recommend to buy ticket from tiqets.com and skip the line otherwise you are going to waste your 2 hours to 3 hours standing in SUN ! It was 32C to 38C in Vatican City when we visited in the month of July 2017 ! it was very long line in afternoon ! if i had not bought skip the line ticket then i would not be able to stand in long long line in st peter's square for even 15 minutes ! we had skip the line , we straightly went tiqets.com staff in blue jackets then they took us inside the basilica and did everything , tiqets.com people said us bye bye when we were going in the lift to go up the DOME !
We wanted to visit St.Peter's Basilica in the morning and wanted to visit Dome in the evening but we could not separate St.Peter's Basilica visit & Dome visit,
1st they let you visit Dome then Basilica ! Now Listen carefully ! Attentively !
people those are in hurry or excised need to calm down while going up ! i saw loads of people could not make at the top of dome because they were going so fast on stairs ! be slow and go up nicely ! it take maximum 15 minutes to 20 minutes if you take few breaks while going up ! and i would definitely recommend to take few breaks while going up ! there is some space on every turn or every curve where you can stand up or in front of windows and sit down or have some rest ! i have seen women above 60+ and men above 60+ going up in calm way and i met them on top ! while coming down its fun nothing , its very easy to come down.
I visited in the month of July 2017 , it was very hot day , make sure you have water before going up , 1st lift take you up then you go by stairs , if you go slowly its better for you if you go fast you get tired and might come back as i seen many people out of breath and could not make to the top of the DOME !
when lift take up on 1st floor its amazing work on walls with small stones pictures it looks painting but its not painting , then you can see a cafe as well for ice cream or some snacks , then you can go up or while coming down you can have some break in cafe ,
On top of Dome its very nice views and cold fresh air as well, we stayed there almost 2 hours and we enjoyed on top of Dome ! we took loads of videos and Pictures ! make sure before going up you use toilet and have sufficient stock of water !
then we come down and had rest in cafe on 1st floor then we used lift and come on ground floor to view in side church !
I cannot express my feeling how beautiful is the church is inside ! everywhere you glance you find a master piece ! so beautiful ! inside the dome look so beautiful , then you can sit down and can listen their ceremonies , we went in the basement as well where all pops had been buried , loads of graves underground , so much to view ! i found peace while sitting there and viewing all church area , i spent almost 3 to 4 hours inside the Basilica and took loads of pictures and videos ,
its prohibited to take pictures and videos but everybody was taking pictures and videos lol it was so funny that people were taking pictures and videos in front of/ or next to security people and security men were not saying anything , they were polite or may be they give up lol , you need whole day to view St.Peter's Basilica and Dome !
At Last Thanks to Tiqets.com who helped me to make this beautiful visit successful through telephonic help line as well as email helpline !
Sergii, Ukraine
Aug 7, 2017
St. Peter's Basilica Dome: Skip The Line + Audio Guide
It was totaly great! Highly recommend.
Ma. Jenefy, Philippines
Aug 6, 2017
St. Peter's Basilica: Skip The Line + Audio Guide
Very convenient and fast!!!!