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Japan attractions

Things to do in Kyoto

Hozugawa River Boat Ride provides excursions on Kyoto's Hozu River. These traditional cruises, led by local oarsmen, allow visitors to be surrounded by the serene and encapsulating landscapes Japan is known for.
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Kyoto Tower is an observation tower in the Japanese city of Kyoto. The 328-foot structure was built ahead of the 1964 Olympics staged in the capital, Tokyo, and its observation deck provides unrivaled, panoramic views of the city.
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Kyoto Railway Museum is a locomotive museum dedicated to Japan's railways. It is located in Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto, close to Kyoto Aquarium.
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Toei Kyoto Studio Park is a theme park with shows and attractions allowing visitors to get a taste of Edo-era Japan while walking through jidaigeki (period drama) film sets. There are mazes, samurai sword demonstrations, a climbing wall, museums and more inside. The park is located in Ukyo Ward, Kyoto.
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The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, or MoMAK for short, is one of the most visited museums in Kyoto. The museum places a strong emphasis on exhibiting the works of artists or artistic movements in Kyoto and the Kansai area, such as Japanese-style paintings of the Kyoto School.
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The KOHO Nishiki Textile Studio has had restoration and creation at its core since its foundation in 1894. Its history, from founder Heizo Tatsumura to the fourth generation that handles it today, is one of unceasing challenges. You can visit the workshop and see how traditional weaves are made, there's even the chance to create one yourself. The studio has even produced dress fabrics for Christian Dior.
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Enter the enchanting world of old Kyoto at Tondaya estate. This traditional machiya house (a traditional wooden townhouse) transports you to a Japan before skyscrapers and malls. You can tour Tondaya's many rooms and surrounding areas, which aim to bring harmony to the soul of visitors. Tondaya plays host to traditional tea ceremonies, geisha and maiko performances, and other authentic Japanese cultural offerings. It is located in Kyoto.
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Things to do in Tokyo

The National Museum of Western Art (known as NMWA) is a premier public art gallery in Japan and also a UNESCO protected building. It is located in the museum and zoo complex in Ueno Park in Taito, central Tokyo, Japan.
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The Tokyo Tower is over 60 years old, and while it may not boast its former title of 'tallest tower in Tokyo', it's still an undeniable icon of the city. Located in the heart of Tokyo, a trip up the tower promises an unforgettable view with panoramas that are sure to leave you impressed. Find out for yourself why there have been 180 million visitors since it opened!
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The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (MoMAT) is Japan's first national art museum located in central Tokyo, near the Imperial Palace. It houses an extensive collection of artworks spanning the Meiji Era to the present day, exhibiting works by Japanese and international artists. With works displayed in chronological order, the MOMAT highlights the influences of Western culture on Japanese art and society, dating back to the early 20th century. The museum reflects a turbulent chapter in Japanese history when the country was modernizing and turning away from its feudal system of governance, towards a more open society.
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If you want one of the best views of Tokyo in town, look no further than the Tokyo Skytree. Standing at 2,080 feet tall, the Skytree is nearly twice as high as Tokyo’s second tallest building, the Tokyo Tower. The Skytree has two observation decks, one at 350 meters and one at 450 meters, providing stunning views of the city and the surrounding landscape. On top of that (or rather, beneath that), you'll find a variety of retail stores as well as a popular aquarium.
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SMALL WORLDS is the world’s largest indoor miniature theme park. This character-packed indoor park opened in Ariake, Japan in 2020 and continues to entertain people of all ages with a unique sense of immersion created by moving miniatures made with the latest technology.
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Spa LaQua
Spa LaQua is an indoor and outdoor spa in Tokyo Dome City where you can enjoy carefully selected treatments – including open-air baths and saunas with natural hot springs, beauty salons, and even restaurants.
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The Moominvalley Park is a theme park about the Moomin characters created by Finnish author and artist Tove Jansson. Opened in March 2019 about 40 kilometers northwest of Tokyo in Saitama Prefecture, the theme park is the first one outside of Finland and offers visitors a look into the world of the author and her creation. Among the many series and movies that have been created about the Moomins over the years, a Japanese animation TV series made the hippopotamus-like characters particularly popular in Japan.
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The LEGOLAND Discovery Center Tokyo is an indoor LEGO® theme park where visitors are surrounded by over 3 million LEGO® bricks. Find out how much fun LEGO® bricks can be with hands-on attractions!
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Located on the 5th floor of the Higashi Shinjuku Building in Shinjuku City, Tokyo, Japan, Vision Inc. is a Japanese telecoms company specialized in providing high-speed mobile internet. It's here where you can pick up a Ninja WiFi mobile internet router for unlimited data while visiting Japan.
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Things to do in Nara

Located in the tranquil surrounds of Nara Park, Nara National Museum is one of Japan's most culturally significant museums. The museum is split across two buildings, connected by an underground tunnel. The original building is an elegant French Renaissance-style building designed by Japanese architect Katayama Tōkuma. The museum houses one of Japan's most important collections of Buddhist art, including paintings, sculpture, and altar articles belonging to temples and shrines around the Nara area.
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The Umemori Sushi School in Nara allows visitors to learn about Japan's traditional cuisine by making their own sushi in a fun and exciting environment.
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Things to do in Fujiyoshida


Fuji-Q Highland

Fuji-Q Highland is an amusement park in Fujiyoshida, Yamanashi, Japan, located near the base of Mount Fuji. The park features a number of record-setting rollercoasters and haunted attractions, with some of the world's tallest and fastest coasters, and the world's largest haunted forest attraction, among other awesome activities to check out under the spellbinding gaze of Mount Fuji. In addition to adrenaline-fuelled thrill rides, Fuji-Q Highland also features kid and family-friendly attraction that are suitable for all ages, including Thomas Land, a children's area with a Thomas the Tank Engine theme, as well as attractions themed on the popular Mobile Suit Gundam, Hamtaro and Neon Genesis Evangelion, anime series.
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