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Germany attractions

Things to do in Berlin

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The popular Pergamon Museum in Berlin is a great solution to a first world problem; it was built because there wasn't enough room in the nearby Bode Museum for all its artistic and archaeological relics. Construction carried on even through WWI and the great inflation of the 1920s. The then completed Pergamon was also badly damaged at the end of WWII (though fortunately its contents escaped damage).
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Berliner Fernsehturm, also known as the Berlin TV Tower, was constructed in the 60s by the administration of the German Democratic Republic (GDR). Standing at 368 meters-high, it's the tallest structure in Germany and easily visible throughout most of Berlin.
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The Neues Museum reopened in 2009, after extensive renovations. Since then, it has attracted more than a million visitors per year. It houses two major collections.
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Berlin Icebar is a bar and visitor attraction offering beverages in sub-zero temperatures. Everything in the bar is crafted from ice, including the furniture, walls, and glasses.
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The Berlin chapter of the international science exhibition sensation BODY WORLDS takes you on a voyage of discovery beneath the surface of the skin. The aim of the exhibition is to give visitors an understanding of what the human body's inner workings can tell us about ourselves and our lives, and how under the skin, people of all cultures and ethnicities are fundamentally the same.
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The Gemäldegalerie is an art gallery located close to the south-east corner of the Großer Tiergarten in Berlin. The museum houses the major works of the Berlin State Museums, including a number of masterpieces from the 13th-18th centuries by German masters. The nearest station is U Potsdamer Platz.
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The Alte Nationalgalerie is an art gallery located in Berlin, Germany. It can be found in the UNESCO recognized Museum Island complex, and showcases a beautiful collection of Neoclassical, Romantic, and Impressionist artwork.
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The Neue Nationalgalerie at the Berlin Kulturforum is a world-class architectural icon from the mind of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (1886–1969), built to house 20th-century art. A major refurbishment was carried out during the late 2010s to bring the ‘60s-era building up to modern standards. The column-free “universal space” is a classic of modernism and serves as the perfect location for works from European and North American masters like Edvard Munch, Pablo Picasso, Max Ernst, Salvador Dalí, Francis Bacon, and Andy Warhol, amongst many others. Some of the museum’s most famous works are Potsdamer Platz by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, The Skat Players by Otto Dix, and Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue IV by Barnett Newman. A rotating calendar of special exhibitions also takes place in the Neue Nationalgalerie, so keep an eye out for their latest offerings.
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Illuseum Berlin is a family-friendly museum of beguiling optical illusions, sense-defying physics exhibits, and interactive trickery all rooted in science. It is located in the center of Berlin – or is it?
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Things to do in Hamburg

Hamburger Kunsthalle is a huge art museum specializing in European paintings from Germany and beyond. The historic building has been newly renovated and includes an older and more modern wing. It is located in Hamburg, Germany.
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The Internationales Maritimes Museum is located 15 minutes from Hamburg Central Station or 10 minutes from the Town Hall. It can be reached by public transport.
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Elbphilharmonie Hamburg is one of the biggest and most acoustically advanced concert halls in the world. It is located on the Kleiner Grasbrook peninsula of the Elbe River in the HafenCity quarter of Hamburg, Germany. Baumwall metro station on Hamburg's metro line 3 is close by, and the nearest bus stop is Am Kaiserkai.
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At 130 years old, The Wachsfigurenkabinett Panoptikum is Germany's oldest wax museum. It is located in Hamburg. Visitors can pose for photos with modern celebrities, historical figures, politicians and more, plus enter the scary Chamber of Horrors.
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The Emigration Museum Hamburg (BallinStadt) is a former halfway house/temporary shelter in the Port of Hamburg, where millions of European emigrants stayed before making their journey to the Americas. The buildings were destroyed by the Nazis in 1934, but were later rebuilt true to their original form in the early 2000s. Today it serves as a permanent museum exhibition memorializing the millions who passed through on the way to the New World.
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Automuseum PROTOTYP is a museum which features classic cars, and is devoted to the history and achievements of the stars of the auto industry. It is located in Hamburg, Germany, not far from the Elbphilharmonie concert hall and the neighboring UNESCO World Heritage Speicherstadt district.
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Dialoghaus Hamburg is a sensory experience and exhibition designed to make us more aware of the challenges faced by the blind, deaf, and non-verbal. Blind and deaf hosts lead you through certain everyday obstacles and challenges, from a walk in the park, to crossing a busy street and boarding a boat. It's more difficult than you might think! Dialoghaus Hamburg is located in the Hamburg Speicherstadt, a UNESCO World Heritage site. The venue can be easily reached by public transport from the city center and the harbor area.
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Hamburg Dungeon is a tourist attraction that teaches visitors about the gruesome side of Hamburg's past using character-actors in rooms that reflect the era. It is located in the Speicherstadt district of the city.
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Museum Ship RICKMER RICKMERS is a fully rigged 19th-century sailing ship that is now open to the public for exploration. Wander round this heritage art museum, one of the top attractions in Hamburg.
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Things to do in Cologne

The Chocolate Museum Cologne is located in the Rheinauhafen. It takes visitors through the cultural history of chocolate, on a tour across 4,000 m2 of exhibition space.
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TimeRide Cologne is a virtual-reality attraction located in Cologne's Innenstadt. It can be found close to the Great St. Martin Church, Cologne.
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The Farina Fragrance Museum is a museum in Cologne, devoted to the long and fascinating history of Eau de Cologne. Visitors can discover how perfume is made through interactive tours, and trace the evolution of fragrance development over the centuries.
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Located in the heart of historic Cologne, the buzzing Hard Rock Cafe Cologne brings rock n roll memorabilia and banging tunes to locals and travelers alike! This is a family-friendly, fun and unique experience you won’t forget, especially for music fans. The cafe is easy to get to, in a walkable area just six minutes from the famous Cologne Cathedral. Coming hungry from the airport? It's just 16 minutes by car! Take a seat, relax, and check out the legends on the walls, with music memorabilia including Elvis Presley’s sunglasses, bass guitars used by KISS, and Jimi Hendrix's vest.
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Things to do in Leipzig

Leipzig Zoo is one of the most renowned and modern zoos in the world. It practices a unique concept, blending appropriate animal husbandry with species protection, education and exciting discovery tours for visitors. Their globally unique great ape facility – Pongoland – is a highlight, and the fascinating tropical adventure world Gondwanaland lets everyone experience the tropical rainforest in the middle of Leipzig!
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Kanalfahrt durch Leipzig
Leipzig City Harbor is the starting point for a number of aquatic tours around the city, including boat trips, kayaking, and standup paddle experiences.
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