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Dive into the sea and meet over 12,000 marine creatures in Italy's largest aquarium
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The Biosphere is a stunning glass sphere close to Genoa's Aquarium in the Old Port. Known affectionately as 'The Glass Bubble' it was designed by superstar architect Renzo Piano for the July 2001 G8 Meeting. This tropical paradise is home to over 150 species of plants, as well as a rainforest that protects numerous birds, butterflies, and reptiles.
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Calling all wannabe sailors and aspiring sea captains. The Galata Museo del Mare in Genoa offers 12,000 m2 of exhibition space covering man's longtime relationship with the sea. The building itself is the oldest surviving construction in the dockyard of the old Republic. It's a worthwhile attraction for anyone interested in the ocean, immigration, and the history of Genoa.
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Discover a captivating waterfront district that seamlessly blends history, culture, and charm
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The Bigo Panoramic Lift is part of the Aquarium, situated in the middle of Genoa's Porto Antico. Bird's eye views of the harbour and everyday life will put your Genoa time (and maybe your whole life) into perspective.
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Explore Genoa - get up close and personal with the beauty of the city with a bus tour
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Not far from Porta Soprana, just outside the ancient medieval walls, is the Casa di Colombo, where the discoverer of the Americas lived in his youth.
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The Rolli Palaces are located in the historical centre of Genoa and consist of 42 beautifully decorated palaces that were once called home by visiting VIPs in the 16th and 17th centuries. The 'Rolli' were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006. Rather than one single site, the palaces are spread out. Some are privately owned while others now house banks or offices.
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Explore Genoa's secrets: uncover the charm of the Italian port city on a boat tour
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The second-tallest lighthouse in the world (if taken as a whole with the natural rock formation from which it protrudes), the Lighthouse of Genoa is an emblematic landmark of the city, and one of the area's top cultural attractions, affording glorious views across the seas and the rooftops. Constructed in 1128, it is also the third-oldest lighthouse in the world.
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Explore Genoa and get access to top venues with a City Card!
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Explore Genoa's beauty and culture – take a tour of the city
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Rich in original pieces, memorabilia, statues, articles, posters, and more, FantaCinema excites young and old alike with a tour that tells the story of how fantasy cinema was born and where it is today. Start with the history of film and move through to your favourite modern fantasy favorites, with costumes and models celebrating everything from Back to the Future and Alien to Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars (of course!).
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Unlock the flavors of Genoa: take a culinary journey through the city with a food tour
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The Aquarium of Genoa isn't just the largest aquarium in Italy – it's the largest in Europe! Located in Genoa's Porto Antico (Old Port), this 3,000 m2 aquarium, built inside an old ship, boasts the biggest collection of aquatic biodiversity in Europe. Meet penguins, sharks, dolphins, and more!
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