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Husky Travels Oy is Lapland's sled-dog paradise, where visitors can experience a range of canine safari activities with beautiful, happy Siberian huskies. From sledding adventures to close-up cuddles, it's every dog lover's dream.
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There's few things more magical than Finland in winter. Snow-covered paths, frosted forests, and serene landscapes make Finland's remote Lapland region a dreamy destination. Chase the northern lights on a snowmobile (or a dog sled), experience a Lappish barbeque on a snowy photography excursion, discover frozen waterfalls on any icy hike, or float in the frigid waters of a Finnish lake, protected by an insulated suit. Let your winter worries melt away and book a Lapland winter activity today.
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The Frozen Waterfalls of Korouoma Tour
The Frozen Waterfall in Rovaniemi is a cornerstone of Rovaniemi's wintry landscapes. With this selection of Frozen Waterfall trips in Rovaniemi, visitors can marvel at the ethereal beauty of this icy site, discover the wilderness, enjoy guided tours, and reconnect with nature.
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Complimentary hot drink, buy snacks in cafeteria, purchase memorable souvenirs from icebreaker shop
Join an adventurous voyage to witness the colossal strength of an icebreaker ship
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