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Top 5 things to do in Singapore

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SuperPark Singapore
SuperPark Singapore
Designed with Finnish heart and Finnish know-how, SuperPark is a unique, purpose-built, indoor activity park in Singapore. People of all ages and sizes can enjoy the three huge areas packed with a whole list of sports, games, and activities.
S.E.A. Aquarium Singapore
S.E.A. Aquarium Singapore
S.E.A. Aquarium Singapore is a family-friendly marine world that's home to over 100,000 marine animals. It's one of the top attractions on Singapore's Sentosa Island, located right outside the entrance to Universal Studios. The nearest MRT station is HarbourFront MRT station.
Singapore Zoo
Singapore Zoo
The Singapore Zoo is a 28-hectare area containing over 300 different animal species. Its open and spacious enclosures are designed to imitate the animals' natural environments. Originally opened in 1973, the zoo has been actively involved in wildlife and rainforest conservation efforts since its inception. Animal lovers can see iconic African creatures like majestic lions, chunky warthogs, and suspicious meerkats, as well as a diverse range of wildlife from all corners of the world in 11 zones representing different global habitats.
Floral Fantasy
Floral Fantasy
Floral Fantasy is a wonderland packed with scenes of floral artistry that smell as delightful as they look! Wander this magical flower-powered exhibition and breathe in the live plants, cut flowers, fragrant foliage, and preserved flowers as they come together to create a vibrant, whimsical, and immersive landscape. Floral Fantasy is located at Gardens by the Bay, Marina Gardens Drive, Singapore.
Snow City Singapore
Snow City Singapore
The crunch of snow underfoot, all the snowballs you could dream of making, and even a three-storey-high, 60-metre-long snow slope – it's all inside Snow City Singapore. Along with a host of colourful mascots, simulated snowfall, and ice fishing, Snow City also has facilities for rock climbing, bouldering, and even bumper cars. If you're feeling hot, you know where to go!
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Planning your Singapore visit


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Weather and when to go

Singapore could also be called the land of eternal summer, because it’s either hot, or really hot all year long. With almost guaranteed temperatures of 26 to 27°C to warm your bones, pack light clothing and never go out without your water-bottle! If you’re coming to shop, any time will do, and for local traditions there’s a host of events you could plan your trip around. Chinese New Year, either in January or February, offers seasonal markets and festive feasts, while hip music fans can head for St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival.

Singapore eats

When in Singapore, don’t miss getting your claws into the famous chilli crab, plus traditional dishes like laksa - a yummy combo of coconut-creamed Chinese and Malay flavors. Another culinary must is the bak kut teh - a dish that literally translates to pork bone tea. If egg noodles and seafood float your boat, Hokkien Mee is one of the most popular fried noodle hawker dishes in Singapore, while Anthony Bourdain has raved about the delicious chicken rice from Tian Tian - one of the city’s best loved hawker stalls.


Singapore has one of the hottest nightlife scenes on the planet - literally. From comedy clubs and fancy bars to rooftop lounges boasting killer views, you’ve got it all. If you’re looking to sweat it out on a sandy dance floor, try Sentosa’s Tanjong Beach Club, where swimwear’s encouraged and footwear is optional. Treat yourself to a slap-up meal on Chinatown’s Club Street, or sip a luxurious cocktail on the Marina Bay. Then dance it all off at Clarke Quay, an area set around a beautiful body of water, overlooking the CBD skyline.

What to do in Singapore for 3 days

Animal escapades

Is meeting a baby rhino on your holiday list? Look no further than one of the world’s best zoos. Singapore Zoo feels a little special, in that many of the animals are kept in cage-free environments with an emphasis on conservation, education and sustainability. Take the kids to the live sea lion show, explore the massive biodome for a glimpse at a thriving rainforest, board a tram with audio commentary (great when you’re too hot to walk!) and meet the people who care for the animals at three daily Keepers' Q&A sessions.

The future is eco-friendly

The future is bright, the future is Singapore - a fact you can’t argue with once you’ve seen the wholly impressive Gardens by the Bay. This eco-friendly, sustainable green zone is as educational as it is a homage to the George Jetson lifestyle you’ve imagined. Picture misty indoor rainforests, multimedia effects and night-time light shows overlooking Singapore's stunning skyline. See the world's biggest glass greenhouse and indoor waterfall, and the jaw-dropping 50-meter tall vertical gardens of Supertree Grove. There’s nothing else like it!

Life's a manmade beach

The fact that Singapore had no beach wasn’t about to stop anyone turning the city into a seaside resort. Sentosa Island is the Lion City’s answer to the question “where should I take the kids today?” Pretty beaches and luxurious spas, Universal Studios Singapore, Tiger Sky Tower, Singapore Butterfly & Insect Kingdom, and the huge S.E.A. Aquarium should all keep you busy, while an ocean breeze keeps you cool. As a bonus, the 12-minute cable car ride from Vivo City provides sweeping panoramic views.

Dances with wolves

Asia’s first multi-sensory night walk has been likened to ‘a living dream’ and you won’t want to wake up. Rainforest Lumina blends light, sound and special effects with a balmy rainforest setting to bring you a fully immersive storytelling experience - all new for 2018 at Singapore Zoo. Enter a magical rainforest and see packs of running wolves, watch out for swooping birds of prey, and wander through a world where modern technology meets Mother Nature. You’ll definitely be talking about this one later.