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Located at the old Cinema Augustus on Corso Vittorio, Welcome to Rome is an interactive multimedia exhibition that introduces visitors to the epic history and architectural masterpieces of the Eternal City.

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Welcome to Rome reviews

Nov 22, 2018
Welcome to Rome
The movie, which is about 30 minutes, is good. You get an overview of the history of Rome, which is great for adults and kids.
The four stations you go to prior to that are pretty poor. They have four models of various places in Rome, and there is a robotic voiceover. As we were going to the four stations, I was pretty disappointed and thought I would rate Welcome to Rome two stars. However, my son and I really liked the video.
This is a good activity if you are in the neighborhood, but it's certainly not a must-do.
Sep 24, 2018
Welcome to Rome
Great. Really gave you a full history of Rome.
Jun 15, 2018
Welcome to Rome
It’s a must visit...
Jul 12, 2019
Welcome to Rome
Beautiful program giving to the visitors in relatively short time very good picture about the origins and development of Rome. Everything is on the base of current historic knowledge and archeologic findings. On base level the visitor observes the changes during the history like on the map of Rome, around on 3 walls one can watch almost continually shots illustrating important persons, historic changes, pictures of important buildings and works of art etc. Everything is very nicely shown and in a complex approach.
I really appreciate this experience and thank very much to the authors for such a mervelous presentation.
Jun 23, 2019
Welcome to Rome
Excellente expérience qui permet de mieux appréhender l'histoire de Rome. Je recommande de le faire très tôt le matin pour profiter presque tout seul des espaces et de le faire à la fin aussi de votre séjour à Rome pour que vous puissiez siasir la portée de l'histoire
Apr 26, 2019
Welcome to Rome
Le musée raconte l’histoire de Rome et monotre assez bien comment Rome était bâtie.
Nous l’avons fait au début de notre séjour de Rome. Je recommande de le faire à la fin, une fois que vous avez visité la plupart des sites de Rome.
Nov 3, 2018
Welcome to Rome
Netter Überblick über die architektonische Entwicklung von Rom. Film und animierte 3D-Modelle - rundet einen Sightseeingtag ab
Aug 26, 2018
Welcome to Rome
Dá uma boa visão da historia e o que foram as ruínas que observamos ao caminhar por Roma