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Discover the art collections that trace history from the 13th century
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Stand before Michelangelo’s towering "David" in Florence's revered gallery
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Discover Renaissance treasures and lush gardens in the Medici's grand residence
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Vespa Hangar Florence
Explore Florence – see the best and experience the city like a local!
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Originally conceived in the 16th century, the Boboli Gardens are now home to a remarkable 3,000-year old Egyptian obelisk, design features by leading architects such as Ammanati and Vasari, and eye-catching statues, grottoes, and fountains from the likes of Giambologna.
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Giotto bell's tower
Standing tall next to the beautiful Florence Duomo is Giotto's Bell Tower. At 85 meters high, climbing to the top will reward visitors with the best views of Florence, as well as Brunelleschi's famous dome.
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The Medici Chapels were built by and for the Medici family, who bankrolled much of the Renaissance and ruled the Florentine Republic for generations. These two chapels belong to the Basilica of San Lorenzo - a church that dates back to the 4th century AD. In addition to being the burial place for 49 members of the Medici clan, these chapels contain three of Michelangelo's most beautiful sculptures.
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The Zoo of Pistoia is an Italian zoological garden located in Pistoia, Tuscany. A top family attraction since the 1970s it's one of the first Italian zoos to open to the public and one of the main zoological facilities in Italy. The Zoo of Pistoia is home to roughly 550 animals including mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians and invertebrates. Get up close to a bunch of them and learn about the plight of endangered species from around the world on an animal-tastic day out from the ordinary.
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Palazzo Strozzi is one of Florence’s great Renaissance residences. Powerful banker Filippo Strozzi the Elder commissioned the palace in the late 1400s, ordering the demolition of a large number of pre-existing buildings in the process. The Palazzo Strozzi we see today is a free-standing and beautifully proportioned structure that trumps the Medici Palace of Strozzi’s business and political rivals, the Medici family. The Strozzi family eventually relinquished the property during the fascist period, and the City of Florence has been managing it since 1999. Visitors now come to see some of the most exciting exhibitions held in Italy each year.
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Discover everything da Vinci in a hands-on museum experience that lets you interact with Leo's greatest creations and learn about his incredible contributions to the fields of art and science.
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Bargello Museum (also known as Museo del Bargello) is one of the oldest buildings in Florence, dating back to 1255. What used to be a palace, as well as a prison and barracks, is now an art museum boasting a number of 16th-century sculptures, plus four masterpieces by Michelangelo (1475-1564) and Donatello's David.
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Housed in the 11th-century Palazzo Castellani, the Galileo Museum is dedicated to preserving the legacy of the eponymous scientist and astronomer and celebrating the contributions of Tuscany to modern science.
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Florence's Museo di San Marco features art and frescoes by the gifted early Renaissance painter Fra’ Angelico. The museum is part of a complex comprising a church and a convent. The museum is centrally located in Piazza San Marco.
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Explore this historic building, offering incredible views of the city from its tower
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The National Archaeological Museum boasts one of the most important collections for the study of Etruscan civilization and art. It's in Florence, next to Santissima Annunziata Church in the San Marco District.
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The church of Santo Stefano al Ponte is a place of Catholic worship located in the small, homonymous Santo Stefano square, near the Ponte Vecchio in Florence. The church is the result of several architectural interventions over the centuries. Among these, the 17th-century renovation stands out as the one that reshaped the interior, creating a very original architectural theme of broken lines, without any curves.
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