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  • Wander beneath London Bridge, as your pulse races, the atmosphere thickens, and strange creatures lurk in the shadow
  • Secure London Bridge Experience tickets for an experience that scares the living daylights out of you. Since 2008, it's been chosen annually as the scariest attraction in England
  • For kids and school classes there's a special tour with a guardian angel, who manages to protect them from the horrific demons, bloodthirsty zombies and terrifying clowns


Phobophobia 13
Now on  - Oct 31, 2020  ( ends in 3 days )

It's plenty scary all-year-round at the London Bridge Experience. But at Halloween, it's a full-on nightmare! This year, 13 of the most skin-crawling phobias will be explored in all their gory glory with the dread-inducing Phobophobia 13. This experience is not for the faint of heart, as you'll come face-to-face with zombies, Jack the Ripper, snakes, clowns, monsters, spiders, hillbillies, ventriloquist dolls, murderous butchers, and more!


These London Bridge Experience and Tombs tickets are a real two-for-one. First, at the London Bridge Experience, go on a guided tour of London Bridge's history. Then, dive deeper into the bowels beneath the bridge. Here you'll wander plague pits, abandoned public toilets, and malfunctioning nuclear power plants, as zombies and monsters pop out. Don't think you'll scream? Think again.

This blend of history and horror is like a cross between Edgar Allan Poe and the Saw films. It all works surprisingly well, in that it's scary as hell!

After descending into the dank south side base of London Bridge, you'll get sucked into the history of this span over the Thames. Your guide will tell you about the first version (built by the Romans in 50 AD), and the current one from 1979. In the years in-between (and since), the area has had more than its fair share of strange accidents, executions, and shocking murders.

With these London Bridge Experience and Tombs tickets, you'll soak up this mix of real and imagined history as the atmospheric moves from educational, to perplexing, to alarming. And before you know it, you're spat out of the vortex tunnel into the haunted crypt beneath the bridge. Flickering lights, temperamental generators, and bizarre noises create a spooky atmosphere.

But it's not just that; zombies, horrific clowns, mad doctors, and more lurk within the bowels of the London Tombs, wanting nothing more than to cause you to jump out of your skin. They'll succeed.

And if they don't, then you've shown yourself worthy of joining their ranks. So you may never make your way out of the depths of the bridge...

Insider tip

Borough Market is over a thousand years old and it has plenty of great stalls for exotic and delicious street food. If it's not raining, eat in the courtyard of nearby Southwark Cathedral.



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Audio guide in five languages
Access to the London Bridge Experience & Tombs

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The London Bridge Experience
2 - 4 Tooley Street, SE1 2SY, London
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Feb 21, 2020
Great day out, lots of fun and great facts
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it was very good
Feb 18, 2020
very good enjoyed it a lot

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