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Things to do in Athens

The Acropolis is located on a rocky outcrop overlooking Athens. This ancient citadel contains the remains of several historically significant ancient buildings, the most famous being the Parthenon, a former temple dedicated to the goddess Athena. Visitors can take a number of tours which give insights into Greek history, or walk the site alone.
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The Acropolis Museum is a museum in Athens, where archaeological findings from the site of the Acropolis citadel are housed. Opened to the public in 2009, the museum is home to over 4000 artifacts found on the rock and on the surrounding slopes of the Acropolis, and contains relics from the Greek Bronze Age to Roman and Byzantine Greece.
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The National Archaeology Museum is the largest museum in Greece, and one of the most important archaeological museums in the world. With the initial purpose of collecting findings from 19th-century excavations in Attica and elsewhere, it gradually became the central National Archaeology Museum, and was enriched with finds from many different regions. Its world-renowned collections, boasting more than 11,000 items, offer you a panorama of ancient Greek culture, from the beginning of prehistory to late antiquity.
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The Ancient Agora of Athens as it stands today is one of the most important monuments in Athens. Walk the remains of what was once a place for the citizens of ancient Athens to meet, gossip, and get the news on the issues of the day. Everyone from philosophers to priests, and politicians to prostitutes crossed paths here!
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The Temple of Olympian Zeus is a temple ruin in the center of Athens, Greece, dedicated to the thunderbolt-wielding king of the Olympic pantheon, Zeus. It once contained a gigantic statue of Zeus that was among the largest cult statues of the ancient world. The temple was pillaged after the fall of the Roman Empire, and the statue of Zeus was likely broken down for precious materials, although its precise fate was lost in the annals of time. Only a few of the huge columns remain of this once-mighty temple, but it is a precious remnant of cultural heritage and a breathtaking piece of history to behold. We can only hope whoever did the ransacking was struck by a mysterious bolt of lightning...
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The Museum of Illusions in Athens challenges basic perception and allows you see how human brains process endless streams of information every day. Make your way through a vortex tunnel, and enjoy mind-melting installations and games.
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Keramikos, formerly known by its Latinized form Ceramicus, is an area of Athens, Greece.
Keramikos, formerly known by its Latinized form Ceramicus, is an area of Athens, Greece, located to the northwest of the Acropolis. In it you'll find an extensive area both within and outside the ancient city walls, on both sides of the Dipylon Gate and by the banks of the Eridanos River. Once the potters' quarter of the city, it's where the English word "ceramic" originated, and it was also the site of an important cemetery and numerous funerary sculptures erected along the road out of the city towards Eleusis.
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The Museum of Ancient Greek Technology, in Athens, is home to approximately 300 operating models of ancient Greek inventions. The reconstructions cover the period from 2000 BC until the end of the Ancient Greek world.
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Torre de los Vientos
The Ágora Romana of Athens was built between 19 and 11 BC with contributions from Julius Caesar and Augustus. During Hadrian's reign, the courtyard was paved with flagstones and the full-sized columns would have been made of pure marble. After the invasion of Heruli in AD 267, the city of Athens was confined to the area within the last Roman city walls, and the city's administrative and commercial center was moved. During the Byzantine and Turkish occupation, the area was covered with houses, workshops and churches as well as the Fethiye Mosque. Explore the remains of these Roman relics in Athens and let your imagination run wild!
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Things to do in Knossos

Knossos is an archaeological site near Heraklion on the island of Crete. It is traditionally also known as the Minoan Palace of Knossos. The site is well known for the legend of the Minotaur that lurked in the palace's labyrinth.
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Things to do in Lindos

Lindos Acropolis
Lindos is probably the most impressive archaeological site on Rhodes in Greece. The dramatic natural landscape is enhanced by the picturesque modern town, with the Lindos Acropolis rising in the background on a steep cliff like a sovereign podium overlooking the sea, framed by mighty fortress walls.
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Things to do in Heraklion

The Heraklion Archaeological Museum is located in Heraklion on Crete. One of the most historically important and culturally significant museums in Greece, it contains the most complete collection of artifacts from the Minoan civilization.
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