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The nectar of life is all around you at one of Dublin's top attractions - the Irish Whiskey Museum. Here's where to come for a full lowdown on whiskey's history and to see some very cool whiskey memorabilia from the 1800s. The Irish Whiskey Museum is located right in the heart of Dublin, by Trinity College.

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Irish Whiskey Museum reviews

Nov 28, 2019
Whiskey Blending Experience
Nov 10, 2019
Whiskey Blending Experience
Very entertaining
Nov 9, 2019
Whiskey Blending Experience
Our tour guide was great and gave a great history of whiskey. The actual “blending” experience was lackluster. You have to save whiskey from your tasting to blend so it’s really not an added bonus to the event - either you drink your samples and have none to blend or drink none and blend them all.