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Brașov attractions

Top 4 things to do in Brașov

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First Romanian School Museum
1. First Romanian School Museum
The First Romanian School Museum showcases relics of the Romanian language, from its first printing press to the first bible written in Romanian. These artifacts are housed inside the school where classes were first taught in Romanian in 1583. It is located in Brașov, in the Transylvania region of Romania.
Art Museum Brașov
2. Art Museum Brașov
Art Museum Brașov is one of the best museums in Romania. While being fairly small, it is home to almost 4,000 works including a collection of pieces by Romanian painters such as Lucian Grigorescu, Theodor Pallady, Nicolae Tonitza, Ion Tuculescu and Camil Ressu. You can also see work by anonymous Transylvanian painters from the 18th century, European crystals, and Oriental vases.
History Museum Brașov
3. History Museum Brașov
Want to know everything about the Transylvanian city of Brașov? The History Museum Brașov is the place to go. This impressive Gothic edifice was once where the city's rulers would gather in dark rooms to discuss politics, but it's been the acting history museum of the city since the 1950s. Split into three departments, archaeology, medieval history and modern history, it covers everything you need to know about Romania's 7th-largest city. On the ground floor, you'll also find a tourist information office, which is always handy.
Museum of Ethnography Brasov
4. Museum of Ethnography Brasov
Brasov's Museum of Ethnography is dedicated to the rural communities of Romania. Explore the culture of the countryside through traditional costumes, art, music, and more.

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