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Ce tout nouveau musée de l'espionnage permet de réveiller le James Bond qui sommeille en vous. Découvrez les techniques d'espionnage comme les interrogatoires, le piratage informatique et l'infiltration, et comment vous pouvez les appliquer dans votre vie de tous les jours. Parfait pour s'initier à la vie d'espion !

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14 juil. 2019
A very exciting immersive experience. I enjoy how they weave in the stories of real life events i to various activities. The profile element and assignments is a lot of fun.
7 juil. 2019
Great place with a highly interactive exposition. Was there with my two teenagers. Needless to say they were happy to search for their own spy profile while challenging themselves through the number of 'skill rooms' and questionnaires. Also did I; ))) If you're positive abt visiting the place plan no less than 2-3 hrs to enjoy all the exposition. The museum is also good for a family team building, e.g. parents may also combine their spy profiles (of course!! ) and then you compare everyone's skills within the family )))
16 juin 2019
Is was great I just wish there was a little more it felt too short