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Irish National Heritage Park

The Irish National Heritage Park in County Wexford, Ireland, is the place to soak up 9000 years of history in one stunning place, packed with secrets of Ireland’s past across 35 acres of woodland, wetland, estuary, and uplands.

It's easily accessible by car or bus.

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Customer reviews

Oct 8, 2018
Irish National Heritage Park - Entrance Ticket
A fantastic look into Ireland's rich history, that should be seen by many inhabitants of the island so we can appreciate just how connected we are, how far back we go, and how deep our roots really are.
Jun 7, 2018
Irish National Heritage Park - Entrance Ticket
This place is a must see for history lovers. The reconstructions that go back as far as 9000 years in time are top notch and the signage explaining the structures is very good. Bridin, our tour guide, was very knowledgeable and had a great delivery. Following our tour, we free able to walk around on our own as long as we wanted. All the staff was very friendly and welcoming and the restaurant and facilities were very good.