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Brussels's iconic Atomium was originally intended to be a temporary exhibition for the 1958 World Fair. It was so popular that the city decided to keep it, and now it offers incredible panoramic views and a wealth of history and culture in the exhibition spaces.
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Take a (tiny) tour of Europe as you explore a world of perfectly detailed scale models of its architectural highlights in this charming theme park.
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The World of Banksy is an immersive experience, allowing art and culture lovers the opportunity to get up close to recreations of the artist's iconic creations. Visitors are able to admire replicated studio work and animated visual elements at this enlightening Brussels exhibition. Located in the heart of the city, the venue for this special Brussels Banksy exhibition is La Tentation, a former fabric house that's now a center dedicated to cultural diversity. Its main mission is to promote and develop interactive music & dance projects. Recently, it also added a social side to its profile. All artists are welcome to share their art and their philosophy.
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Brussels's shrine to the brown stuff (well, the good brown stuff) is a sticky-fingered sweet-toothed treat, with fascinating exhibitions and mouthwatering live demonstrations. Plus plenty of chocolate tastings, naturally.
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Train World

Train World is home to the oldest preserved steam locomotive in Europe and holds the heritage collection of the NMBS including many objects, photographs, films, posters, books, documentation and historical archives based on the evolution of the railway. Train World is located in Brussels.
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Explore Brussels with unbeatable value & convenience!
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Inside the Southern Hall of Brussels's beautiful Cinquantenaire is this incredible automotive museum, packed with pristine vintage cars and fascinating exhibitions.
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The Art and History Museum was built at the end of the 19th century at the request of King Leopold II and is located in Brussels. It's easy to reach by car or with public transport.
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You don’t get a fancier location than Brussels’ Hard Rock Cafe. Housed in a 16th-century patrician mansion, there’s lounge bars, a two-floor restaurant, and plenty of classic and modern music memorabilia to admire between courses.
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La Bourse - Beurs
Nestled within the grandeur of Brussels' Stock Exchange building, you'll discover Belgian Beer World, a tribute to Belgium's rich, UNESCO-recognized beer brewing heritage. This immersive museum invites you to journey through the history and artistry of over a hundred Belgian breweries, ranging from quaint family-run establishments to large-scale operations. Delve into the fascinating stories of brewing families, uncover the secrets behind the brewing process, and marvel at the astonishing variety of beers. Belgian Beer World offers an interactive experience that uniquely captures the essence of Belgitude. And the grand finale of your visit? A tantalizing tasting session. Raise your glass and say cheers to Belgian Beer World!
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Flash back
Visit the largest theme park in Belgium at Walibi
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Swimming pool
It's summer all year-long at Aqualibi in Belgium
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The BELvue Museum is a museum in central Brussels that tells the history of Belgium in 200 objects.
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