Hot Springs in Iceland

Heat things up in Iceland

Feeling the chill? Swap your beanie for your bikini and warm up with a dip in Iceland's thermal springs

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Sky Lagoon Pure Pass

Unwind in a thermal spa inspired by nature and culture
4.7 (58)
From $70.43
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Mývatn Nature Baths

Have a paddle in a geothermal lagoon encircled by epic Icelandic scenery
4.7 (23)
From $41.59
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Krauma Geothermal Baths

Kick back with five geothermal baths, two saunas, and a crackling fireplace!
4.6 (7)
From $38.07
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Vök Baths

Soak in Iceland's cleanest hot spring water and enjoy complimentary treats
4.9 (11)
From $42.23
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Perlan Museum

The Perlan Museum is located in Reykjavik, easily accessible by car and a free shuttle bus. It's home to a great glacier exhibition and an ice cave! The 360° Observation Deck offers the best views of the city, its mountain and beyond.
4.7 (129)
From $33.06
Magic Ice Reykjavik isn't just a bar, it's a bar made of ice. And where better for a bar made of ice to be in than the capital of Iceland?
4.3 (30)
From $27.49
FlyOver Iceland is a virtual reality experience that lets you soar across Iceland's spectacular natural landscapes using the latest in flight-ride technology. It's located in Reykjavik, Iceland.
4.8 (42)
From $36.88


Jökulsárlón is known colloquially as the Glacier Lagoon. This special body of water is a constantly changing landscape, where ice drifts from the glacier out to sea. Jökulsárlón connects the nearby Vatnajökull glacier with the North Atlantic Ocean.
5.0 (1)
From $134.35

1238 Battle of Iceland

1238 Battle of Iceland is a virtual reality-based exhibition space, which takes visitors through some of the country's most historic events with the help of cutting-edge technology. 1238 The Battle of Iceland is in the town Sauðárkrókur in Skagafjörður, North-Iceland, about 1.5-hour drive from Akureyri and 3.5-hour drive from Reykjavík.
4.5 (2)
From $19.03
At 950 km2, Langjökull Glacier is the second-largest in Iceland behind Vatnajökull. That's larger than the whole of Singapore!