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Regional Aeolian Archaeological Museum Luigi Bernabò Brea

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Regional Aeolian Archeological Museum Luigi Bernabò Brea reviews

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About: Regional Aeolian Archeological Museum Luigi Bernabò Brea

The Luigi Bernabò Brea Museum is located on Lipari, the largest of the Aeolian Islands. The museum provides an all-encompassing history of the region through artifacts excavated at sites on the islands and from the sea that surrounds them. See precious ancient statuettes, gemstones, vases, cannons and much more!

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Thursday 09:00 - 18:30
Regional Aeolian Archeological Museum Luigi Bernabò Brea
Via Castello, 2, 98050, Lipari
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The Tindari Archaeological Area lets visitors feast their eyes on the remains of the impressive perimeter walls built under Dionysius the Elder. This Roman settlement perched high over the sea was once the perfect fortress, and contains thermal spas, taverns, and an impressive patrician house full of mosaics and other fancy decorations. The theater was built by the Greeks before it was re-done by the Romans for gladiatorial contests.
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Villa Romana of Patti is an ancient Roman villa from the 4th century, discovered in 1973 beneath the highway. Visitors can explore original Roman mosaics inside on the floor. It is located in Patti, not far from Tindari, Sicily.
From $5.29
The Ancient Theater of Taormina is an ancient Greco-Roman amphitheater in Taormina, Sicily. Built by the ancient Greeks in around the third century BC, the site was renovated by the Romans around 500 years later. Carved into the Sicilian hills, the theater is still in use today. The likes of Bob Dylan, Elton John and Sting have all graced its stage, which boasts stellar views of the ocean and surrounding countryside. Not your average music venue!
4.8 (120)
From $13.23
The Interdisciplinary Regional Museum of Messina is one of Sicily's essential cultural attractions. The museum houses a vast collection of Italian art and treasures in a slew of chronologically arranged and colour-coded exhibition spaces, ranging from the Middle Ages through the Renaissance and Mannerism eras to the Baroque era typified by Caravaggio, through the 17th, 18th, and 19th centuries. With works by some of the great Italian masters such as Antonello of Messina, Caravaggio, Annibale Carracci, Mattia Preti, Girolamo Alibrandi, Vincenzo Catena, Francesco Laurana, and many more, this is truly one of Italy's elite art institutions.
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From $10.58
The Regional Naturalistic Museum of Isolabella is a boutique museum located inside an architecturally unique villa on the beautiful Sicilian island of Isola Bella. Inside, you'll encounter a range of exhibits that preserve and showcase the unique biosphere, geology, and cultural heritage of the island, as well as the villa's own architecture, which is cleverly designed to blend into the surrounding landscape.
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Discover where the ancient Greeks first set foot in Sicily as you walk through ruins dating back close to 3,000 years. See the walls of Naxos in the archaeological area, and discover ornaments and relics from before Naxos' ruin in the 5th century BC inside the Archaeological Museum of Naxos.
5.0 (2)
From $5.29

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