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2 reviews
11 Jul 2022
Excelente , adorei . Guia muito atencioso . Recomendo
Quinta das Minas da Recheira
22 Feb 2022
Experiência única de uma mina. Pessoal super preocupado e atencioso
Quinta das Minas da Recheira

About: Minas da Recheira

Minas da Recheira is an old tin and tungsten mine located in Barco-Covilhã. Abandoned over 50 years ago, the mine has been transformed into a historical and geological museum. Visitors can explore the mining galleries, see authentic old tools, as well as enjoy the thriving natural surroundings that have returned since the mined ceased operations.

Minas da Recheira
Quinta das Minas da Recheira, 6215-097, Covilhã
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