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Ljubljana attractions

Top 5 things to do in Ljubljana

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Lake Bled
1. Lake Bled
Lake Bled is one of Slovenia's most popular tourist destinations. It is located roughly 55 kilometers from the capital, Ljubljana. On its north shore, visitors will find Bled Castle, and at the center of the lake is Bled Island (Blejski otok) which is home to the Assumption of Mary church, renowned for the 99 stone steps that lead up to it.
House of Illusions Ljubljana
2. House of Illusions Ljubljana
The House of Illusions Ljubljana is a head-scratching deep-dive into optical illusions. Designed to educate and inform as much as to wow, it might make you question your sanity, until you realize how your mind plays tricks on you. The museum is located in central Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Ljubljana Castle
3. Ljubljana Castle
Ljubljana Castle's Outlook Tower promises you the best views of Ljubljana and its surrounding beauty! Perched high on a hilltop, the 900-year-old castle is Ljubljana's most striking and popular attraction. It also houses a museum exhibition on Slovenian history, a puppet museum, and many rooms including space for art exhibitions, a café, a nightclub, and two restaurants (Strelec and Gostilna na gradu).
Postojna Cave
4. Postojna Cave
Postojna Cave is a system of caves and caverns located south of Slovenia's capital, Ljubljana. It is a popular tourist destination, owing to the natural underground rock formations that have formed over the centuries.
Ljubljanica Sluice Gate
5. Ljubljanica Sluice Gate
The Ljubljanica Sluice Gate, also known as the Partition, is an arch-shaped sluice gate located at the end of the Ljulbjanica River, between Cukrarna and Vraz Square in the Center District. It is used to regulate the water level in the city center.

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The National Gallery of Slovenia houses artworks and other important artifacts belonging to the country. It was founded in 1918 and is located in the capital city of Ljubljana.
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