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Museo Picasso Málaga houses 200 works donated by members of Picasso's family. It is located in a restored 16th-century palace in Málaga, Spain, the city where artist Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born.
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Snaking its way around a rugged canyon above the Río Guadalhorce near Ardales, in the province of Málaga, Spain, El Caminito del Rey is a an elevated walkway that was built at the turn of the 20th century in order to connect two hydroelectric power stations. Over the years the site fell into disrepair, and infamously became known as the world's most dangerous walkway after a series of daredevils plummeted to their demise trying to cross it. El Caminito del Rey has since been given a multimillion-euro refurbishment and is once again safely travelable for everyone, providing breathtaking canyon views at every step along its 2.9-kilometer length.
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Bioparc Fuengirola is a sustainable zoo near Malaga which protects its animals in environments similar to their natural habitat, using 'invisible' barriers. This excellent family attraction is easy to reach from central Malaga.
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The Cable Car Benalmádena (Teleférico Benalmádena) offers some of the best views of the Costa del Sol and gives visitors the chance to see a live falconry show at the top of the mountain. It's located in Benalmádena, Spain.
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The Picasso Birthplace Museum is just a couple of minutes on foot from Malaga Cathedral, and around the corner from the well-known Cervantes Theater. It's also close to the Picasso Museum, if you're after a double dose of Picasso in Malaga.
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Sea Life Benalmádena is an aquarium and marine biology research center located in Benalmádena, near Malaga, Spain. The aquarium offers visitors up-close encounters with Spain's marine wildlife and animals from further afloat.
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The Caves of Nerja, or Fundación Cueva de Nerja as it's known locally, are located on the Costa del Sol in Nerja, Spain. A popular tourist destination, the natural cave formation has impressive stalactites and stalagmites, some of the tallest in the world.
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Selwo Marina

Selwo Marina is the place in Andalucía to discover Latin American fauna and to get up close and personal with its exotic animals. Visitors can watch live penguin feedings, plus dolphin and sea lion shows, and exotic bird demonstrations. It's in Benalmadena, Spain, and is easy to reach on public transport.
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The colorful glass cube adds a dash of modern cosmopolitan flair to Málaga's rejuvenated Old Port area. The light and inviting Centre Pompidou Málaga boasts exhibits and works from its Paris HQ - all artworks from 1905 to the present.
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The Benalmadena Butterfly Park, also known as Mariposario de Benalmádena, is a butterfly park located in the heart of the Costa del Sol, only 20 minutes from Malaga.
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Be part of the passion and experience the power of flamenco in Malaga
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The Museum of Illusions is an interactive, immersive, brain-shaking, sense-jangling museum in Málaga. A Museum of Imagination ticket is your all-access pass to various exhibits aimed at giving your eyes and ears a run for their money! Walk on the walls, get your head around devilish optical illusions, experience the world in 3D, and much more.
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Observe las colecciones de alta costura y sombreros del siglo XX.
At the Automobile and Fashion Museum in Malaga, car enthusiasts can enjoy a private collection of vehicles and haute couture pieces. The exhibition walks you through the artistic and historical evolution since the end of the 19th century. There are almost a hundred exclusive vehicles restored to the highest level, and over 200 pieces of Haute Couture and Contemporary Art installations. Mercedes, Hispano Suiza, Bugatti, Bentley, Rolls-Royce and Ferrari are all features.
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Experience Malaga: sightseeing, learning, and making memories!
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The Hammam Al Ándalus Baños Árabes Málaga is a stunning place to relax and unwind in hot and cold baths. Guests can also experience professional massages while surrounded by elegant Arabic architecture. The luxurious Hammam Al Ándalus is located in Málaga, Spain.
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The Museo Carmen Thyssen is located in Málaga, the second-most populous city of Andalusia and the sixth-biggest in Spain. The centrally located museum is in a 16th-century building renovated to house this stunning art collection.
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The Alcazaba of Málaga, a major relic of Spain's Islamic past, is a Moorish citadel built in the 11th century AD with an impressive palatial courtyard. It is located in central Málaga, beside the city's Roman Theater, not far from Paseo España park.
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Crocodile Park Torremolinos is a nature reserve/wildlife park in Andalusia, Spain, where visitors can get up close to over 300 crocodiles across eight lakes and habitat zones. It also features a dedicated crocodile museum, an audiovisual room, a crocodile nursery, and Europe's largest crocodile, Big Daddy!
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