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Alaturka Pamukkale is located in Pamukkale, Turkey. Pamukkale is known for its snow-white limestone, formed from calcium-rich springs, and is a popular destination for hot-air balloon rides owing to the unique terrain.

Alaturka Pamukkale
Yeni Cd. No:15, 20190, Pamukkale
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The travertines at Pamukkale are a natural wonder located in western Turkey. Formed by the limestone deposits of mineral springs, the terraces at Pamukkale, translating literally to cotton castle, are a popular tourist attraction due to their surreal beauty and warm spring water. Pamukkale is also in close proximity to the ancient Roman ruins of Hierapolis.
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Hierapolis was an ancient settlement in Turkey. Its ruins are located on hot springs, and are adjacent to the town of Pamukkale, the site of the famous travertines. Both are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
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The Necropolis of ancient Hierapolis extends for over 2 kilometers within the ruins of Anatolia's ancient Roman settlement, now modern-day Pamukkale. One of the best-preserved necropolises in Turkey, the site gives a fascinating insight into the funerary practices of the Greco-Roman era.
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Karahayit Red Springs near Pamukkale are renowned for their unique mineral composition, which leaves the spring water with a distinct red color. The springs are a popular destination for visitors, and the area includes facilities like a hotel and dining areas.
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