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Zoo Negara Malasia

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Tips for Visiting Zoo Negara

Curious to find out what animals you’ll get to see with your Zoo Negara tickets? Here’s a breakdown of some of the animals inside the National Zoo of Malaysia, based on their habitats.

Butterfly Garden

Malaysia is home to countless incredible butterfly species, and inside the Butterfly Garden you’ll find a host of amazing insects.

Reptile House

See saltwater crocs, African Dwarf crocodiles, and false gharials – who have the slimmest snouts of any crocodile – inside the reptile house.

You’ll also be able to see tortoises, lizards, terrapins, and even the world’s longest snake – the reticulated python.

Australian Plain

Pademelons, wallabies, and kangaroos are just some of the creatures that make up the Australian Plain exhibit.

Bear Complex

The Asiatic Black Bear, Brown Bear, and the Malayan Sun Bear can all be found inside Negara Zoo.

Savannah Walk

Your Negara Zoo ticket allows you to see some of the most amazing African animals. In the Savannah Walk exhibit you’ll see giraffes, zebras, ostriches, antelopes, scimitar horned oryx, and white rhinos.

Mammal Kingdom

Spread across the exhibit, you’ll see Malayan porcupine, capybara, leopards, slow loris, Malay civet, pumas, raccoons, striped hyenas and binturong.

Cat Walk

Big cats are usually the star of any zoo, and this is no exception. Your Negara Zoo ticket includes the chance to see tigers, lions, and leopards in habitats tailored to suit their lounging lifestyles.

Ape Centre

Inside the ape centre, there’s a community of chimpanzees and two species of orangutans – Bornean and Sumatran.

Giant Pandas

Xing Xing and Liang Liang were born in the same place on the same day, but they aren’t brothers and sisters. Zoo Negara Malaysia’s two giant pandas come from Wolong National Nature Reserve in Sichuan, China and the pair share a birthday of 23 August 2006.

The pair will spend 20 hours a day munching on 9-20Kg of bamboo so when you visit, expect to find them with their mouths full. Check out a 360º view of the Giant Panda enclosure here.

Lake Birds

See over 300 roaming birds, including storks, ibises, egrets, swans and pelicans on the two islands on Tunku Abdul Rahman lake in the middle of Zoo Negara.

Bird Aviary

The aviary features one of the largest collections of bird species in the country, including the milky stork and colourful parakeets. If you can’t get enough of the intense plumage of rare species, make sure to bring your camera along.

Humboldt Penguin

These flightless birds might not seem at home in Malaysia, but their habitat has been made to suit these animals that usually call the chilly coast of Chile home.

Hornbill Centre

There are 10 hornbill species in Malaysia, and you’ll find seven of them in Zoo Negara. The Hornbill Centre is also a breeding centre for four varieties of the bird: Great Hornbills, Rhinoceros Hornbills, Wrinkled Hornbills and the Oriental Pied Hornbills.

Children's World

Kids can run wild in this corner of the zoo. There’s the chance to pet goats, miniature horses, and deer; learn fun facts about the zoos inhabitants, including the colour of an emu’s egg and how big an elephant’s tooth is; and the chance to explore a cave filled with wildlife wonders.

All the animals at Zoo Negara Malaysia are up for adoption. You’ll get an e-certificate for your good deed, no matter how much you donate. There’s different donation tiers, and different levels of reward based on how much you give.

Adoption tiers:

Above RM50

  • Adoption certificate
  • 1 Zoo Negara voucher (1 child accompanied by one adult)

Above RM100

  • Adoption certificate
  • Zoo Negara notepad (2 units)
  • 2 Zoo Negara voucher (1 child accompanied by one adult)

Above RM200

  • Adoption certificate
  • Zoo Negara notepad (4 units)
  • 4 Zoo Negara voucher (1 child accompanied by one adult)

Above RM500

  • Adoption certificate
  • Zoo Negara notepad (6 units)
  • 6 Zoo Negara voucher (1 child accompanied by one adult)

To adopt an animal, click here.

Celebrating a big day for the animal lover in your family? Then you can throw their party at Zoo Negara.

Catering can be taken care of, and special guests like Spotty the python and Megat the hornbill can join the party for a few photos.

The good news is that your Zoo Negara ticket is already helping! The gate collection goes toward helping the Malaysian Zoological Society, a non-governmental organization, that manages Zoo Negara.

If you want to make an individual donation, then you can adopt an animal. All of Zoo Negara’s animals are up for adoption and you can donate from 26-1001 MYR (Malaysian Ringgit), roughly 6-200 USD (US Dollars).

Your donation will go towards your animal’s annual food, veterinary care, and life enrichment. You’ll even get a certificate of adoption, as well as the reward of looking after a rare creature. Click here to find out more about making a donation.

Zoo Negara also accepts donations from schools and corporations – email pr@zoonegaramalaysia.my for more details.

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Sobre: Zoo Negara

El Zoo Negara abrió sus puertas en 1963 y es conocido en el mundo entero. Con más de 5.130 especímenes de más de 475 especies de mamíferos, aves, reptiles, anfibios y peces, tienes un montón para explorar en un día cargado de diversión animal. Está situado justo en las afueras de Kuala Lumpur.

Zoo Negara
Jalan Ulu Kelang, Kemensah Heights, Selangor, 68000, Ampang
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