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Wander the royal gardens bought by George III for his heirs – see pagodas, greenhouses, and more!
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Witness 1,000 years of British history and gaze upon the Crown Jewels inside the Tower of London
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A top night out in London's theatres, including West End shows!
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Get a 360° view of London, including Westminster Abbey and Big Ben in a comfortable cabin!
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Visit one of the most renowned religious buildings in the UK
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With over one million visitors a year, The SEA LIFE London Aquarium is one of the UK's premier marine life attractions. Conveniently located on the ground floor of County Hall on the South Bank of the River Thames in central London, it's just a stone's throw from the London Eye and a great way to relax amidst the buzz of London.
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Rub shoulders with waxy renditions of your favorite celebrities in London
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Elevate your experience in London with 360° views from 300 meters up
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See over 750 species from all over the globe in the oldest scientific zoo
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Glide along the Thames, admire iconic landmarks, and soak in the history of London's waterfront
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Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park Resort is a theme park in Surrey with over 30 thrilling rides, attractions, and live events to keep the whole family busy all day.
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Get the royal treatment with access to the headquarters of the British monarchy
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Ever heard of Woodhenge or Clayhenge? Of course you haven't! That's because, of all the henges in the world, Stonehenge is the undisputed champion. Full of mysteries - both mystical and architectural - a visit to Stonehenge is guaranteed to leave you marveling at the fortitude, ingenuity and resourcefulness of the ancients.
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Located in Holloway, Emirates Stadium is one of the UK's largest stadiums. It has been the home ground of Premiership side Arsenal since 2006, replacing their original home at Highbury Stadium. It has seating capacity for 60,432 fans.
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At Queen Victoria's behest, the State Rooms of Kensington Palace were opened to the public in 1899, on her 80th birthday. Since then it's been both a private residence for the royal family and a public museum. In fact, it's where Prince William lives with the Duchess of Cambridge and their three kids. Though you won't bump into them in the hallway, a visit here is still a fascinating window into the lives of royals past and present.
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Navigate London's famous attractions and enjoy exciting activities with ease
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