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We are Tiqets, thanks for using us! We help you discover and experience culture the fun and easy way. We are here to help you to get the most out of your visit. We have translated our terms and conditions into plain English. Do you want to read the official version? Click on this link.

  1. About Us

    1. We prefer ‘Tiqets’, but our legal name is Tiqets International B.V. We have offices around the globe and our HQ is in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, at James Wattstraat 77, 1097 DL. We are registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 59620285. Our VAT number is NL853573876B01. Tiqets Inc., our legal entity in the United States, is also part of Tiqets and is our merchant of record for customers who reside in the United States.
    2. Do you have a question, or can we help you with something? Our Tiqets Help Center is here to help.

  2. These Terms And Conditions

    1. We understand that you visit us to discover and experience culture, not to read our terms and conditions. However, these terms and conditions show you how we run our business, what we do for you, and what is expected from you in return.
    2. These terms and conditions apply when you buy or have bought something via us. “Via us”? Indeed. Strictly speaking, you don’t buy something from us, but from the museum, cultural landmark, fun park or tour operator that offers tickets for sale via our platform. These parties are the actual suppliers of your tickets.
    3. You can buy many different products via us, and for some of these products special terms and conditions apply. Those are included in the product description and apply alongside these general terms and conditions.
  3. What You Can Expect From Us

    1. We are available to help you, 24/7.
    2. As a middleman, we work hard to provide you with correct information and clear prices, per ticket and per person (including applicable taxes, although sometimes a supplier charges a local tax, which we cannot do for the supplier).
    3. Some things are better together. That’s why we offer you hand-picked combinations of products to help you enrich your experience.
    4. We rank the search results shown on the Tiqets platform to ensure you see the most relevant and popular Tickets (based on historic data) with optimal availability (based on general availability and your visit date, if available). We may also take the profitability of each Ticket into account.
    5. Before you pay for your order, we give you an overview of the total order amount.
    6. Sometimes your payment is not processed. What caused such error? It could be us, our payment provider, the supplier, or your bank or credit card provider. No payment also means no agreement between you and the supplier. We will, of course, notify you about the payment status.
    7. You want your tickets immediately after payment was successful, we get that. Sometimes, however, things go wrong. If it turns out the supplier cannot provide the tickets to you immediately (think IT problems, availability issues, etc.), the supplier has a 48-hour window to try and get your tickets to you via us. If unsuccessful, your order will be refunded fully.
    8. We’re not perfect (although we strive to be) – and sometimes we make mistakes. We own up to such mistakes. For instance, if a ticket on our platform is sold against a small discount while it should not have been, you can hold us to the discount price. That does, however, not include mistakes on our platform of which you knew (or should have known) it was a mistake.
    9. If you suffer direct damage because of something we did wrong (and we should have known it was wrong at the time), we can be held liable to the extent this directly relates to the use of our platform. We are only responsible for things that we actually can or should be able to control. We cannot control your actual visit of the supplier’s museum. In the same vein, if you did not like the artistic quality of the supplier’s collection of paintings, you cannot blame us for it. Earthquakes, heavy rain and other circumstances that would reasonably prevent you from using the tickets are unfortunately also not things we can control or take responsibility for.
  4. What We Expect From You

    1. We expect you to enjoy using Tiqets. If you don’t, let us know.
    2. The details you provide us with (like your name, email, phone number) must be correct and truthful. Otherwise we don’t know who you are or how to deliver the tickets to you. In addition, the supplier may not approve or withdraw from the agreement with you.
    3. Our platform is built for personal use, which means that we, for example, do not like if you would purchase tickets via us for reselling to others. If you are interested in becoming a partner of Tiqets, let us know via the ‘Work with us’ section on the Tiqets website.
    4. We have spent quite some time building this platform, so please do not copy or imitate any part of it without our OK to do so.
    5. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions, feedback, complaints or compliments.
  5. Your Agreement With The Supplier

    1. We act as an intermediary of the supplier, which means that we offer you information on how to access what our suppliers have to offer. When you book via our platform, we submit this booking request to the supplier (often at the speed of light) and, if approved by the supplier (a few moments later), you and the supplier have agreed!
    2. We will keep you informed about the status of your order via email and a text message.
    3. The supplier may impose additional terms and conditions related to your use of the product or service provided by the supplier, for example, specific rules relating to your visit.
    4. Cancellation of tickets is only possible if we mention this in the product description. Unfortunately, some venues do not offer you the possibility to make changes to the ticket after your purchase, there is nothing we can do about that...
    5. We cannot guarantee that you get your money back from the supplier if you did not like what you purchased, or if you booked tickets for the wrong date or time. European consumer laws provide customers with a legal reflection and withdrawal period for certain products purchased online. However, this period does not apply for leisure services provided on a specific date or within a specific period. That exception applies to tickets sold via us.
    6. Sometimes you can cancel or change a ticket, for example, if you want to visit the venue on another date. That varies per supplier, as stated on the product page on our platform or in the delivery email. Refunds can be requested until 28 days after the date for which your Tickets are valid.
    7. The terms and conditions of the supplier are largely covered by these terms and conditions. However, additional terms and conditions may apply and by accepting our terms and conditions, you also agree with those additional terms and conditions.
    8. The supplier wants you to use the tickets you purchased via us for yourself and your family members, friends, colleagues or other travel companions. Commercial reselling of tickets is not allowed.
    9. Sometimes a venue will require you to be somewhere at a certain time, to wear a certain outfit, to ensure that your insurance covers what you’re about to do, or to bring a valid ID. Usually, such additional requirements imposed by the supplier make sense and you can figure them out for yourself. As a backup, we mention the most important ones on the product page, in the emails you receive or on the ticket itself.
    10. Do you have a complaint? Let us know as soon as possible, describe the problem clearly and we will start working it out together to reach a fair solution with the supplier. Please contact our customer service agents.
  6. Privacy And Tiqets Account

    1. Protection of your personal data is something we do by design and default. Some suppliers need your name or other personal data, for example, to include you on a guestlist. We will not share your personal data with suppliers we do not trust with this personal data and we will ask the right questions to ensure the supplier takes your privacy as seriously as we do. Check out our Privacy Policy for more information.
    2. You can enjoy the Tiqets platform without registering for a Tiqets account. Are you a frequent Tiqets user and would you like to place orders more efficiently? Then you can use a Tiqets account. Do make sure that the information in your account is true and accurate, and you use for yourself only. Otherwise, we may have to cancel your account.
  7. Sharing Is Caring

    1. You help us and other visitors by sharing your review, feedback, pictures and other content with us. In the process of sharing such content with us, we ask for your consent so we can use that on our platform.
    2. Be aware that sometimes you are not allowed to take pictures or videos of something, for instance because a painting is protected by intellectual property rights.
    3. We care about you, your opinion and the content you share with us. We ask you to also care about us and other visitors of our platform and to be respectful to us and to others when you share your feedback or content.
  8. Finally...!

    Some final points:

    1. We are a company located in The Netherlands, which is why we choose the laws of The Netherlands to govern these terms and conditions. The laws of The Netherlands ensure a high level of consumer protection. If you are a resident of the United States, we agree that United States’ Federal or State laws apply, please check the official version of these terms and conditions for more information.
    2. We prefer to help you directly, but you can also file a complaint via a third party, for example via If we fail to find a solution acceptable to both of us, we may need to ask for a legal opinion on the matter. In such case, we would like to ask someone in Amsterdam (whom we both trust!) to serve as an arbiter. If even an arbiter cannot help settle our differences, we suggest to involve a judge in Amsterdam to rule on the matter. Do you prefer to ask a judge of The Netherlands for a verdict directly? That is also fine by us. Please do indicate this preference within one month after we suggest to appoint an arbiter. If your country of residence or establishment is in the United States and we cannot agree on an unofficial outcome, we agree on binding arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association (the “AAA”). Please see the official terms and conditions for more information.
    3. These terms and conditions will be changed by us from time to time and will be effective from the moment of publication on the website. You will be informed about material changes.
    4. We want you to read and understand these terms and conditions. Therefore, we had these translated in languages that are available on our platform. When in doubt about the exact interpretation, the English version prevails.

That was it. Thank you for taking the time to read and understand. Any questions? Let us know.

Tiqets Terms & Conditions
Version: 6.5 (1 November 2022)