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Rescue romance with an unforgettable date at home

Fine dining may be off the menu, but there are other ways to make your next date night the sweetest of all.

Say no to Netflix and give your date, your mate, or yourself a truly unforgettable date night at home – for FREE! From a sunset gondola ride in Venice to the love stories behind Sintra’s Palace of Pena, here are some romantic online experiences for a dreamy night in.

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Palace of Pena

Two love stories

Virtually stroll through the corridors of Europe’s most romantic palace and discover the two, epic love stories behind the iconic castle. From the fairytale story of King Ferdinand II and Queen Maria II to the tale of how the King found love again after the death of his beloved queen, this one’s for romance lovers.

Venice City Tours

A sunset gondola ride on Venice's grand canal

Name a more romantic activity than a sunset gondola ride on Venice’s grand canal with a bottle of Prosecco. Can’t think of anything? We thought so. Grab your bottle of bubbly, get comfortable and take a virtual journey along Venice’s grand canal with a gondolier who’ll share some of the city’s most famous love stories.

Aquarium of the Pacific

Peek into the courtship rituals of penguins

Join the Aquarium of the Pacific’s penguin keepers during a feeding session and learn all about these amazing birds that form life-long pairs. From attracting a mate to nesting and raising their chicks, learn all about the ways these penguins live and love.

One World Observatory

The love stories that shaped New York

Experience an unforgettable exploration of New York's history – a city famously known for its unyielding toughness and relentless grit.  In this Valentine's virtual tour, discover New York City's lesser known soft side with the historical love stories that have shaped the city.

Grasping for at-home date night ideas in the face of lockdown?

We’ve got you covered with six at-home date night ideas to enjoy a truly romantic Valentine’s Day at home.