Inside Tiqets: Partner Implementations

June 27, 2019


What goes into being the most trusted marketing and distribution partner for venues?

We have a busy team here at Tiqets, working across continents to create the best experience for venues and their customers. To give you a better insight into what we do to help you grow your venue, ‘Inside Tiqets’ will give you an in-depth look at what goes on behind the scenes. 

This time, we interview Janne Aline Marcelino, known around the office as Aline. We dive into the day-to-day of how she contributes to the mission at Tiqets, her passion for what she does, and how she helps venues achieve their goals. 

What do you do at Tiqets?

I work on partner implementations. I make sure the tools we offer work well for our venue partners. By working together and making sure our partners have successful integrations, we’re able to offer high quality, seamless experiences to end customers.

What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment, I dedicate my time to the Booking Engine, an end-to-end tool that is fully integrated into the website of our venue partners. The tool allows customers to easily book a ticket to the museum or attraction in their preferred language and payment option, with a great mobile experience.

It is designed to be very straightforward for the venues to implement into their website. It’s ridiculously easy to use; when visitors look for information on the museum's or the attraction's website, they can also book entry tickets in a simple, elegant flow, both on desktop and mobile.

I often work with partners directly to support them in implementing the Booking Engine, and to gather insights and feedback, continuously improving and tailoring this solution. Achieving that, we keep monitoring and testing these on a regular basis, to make sure they continue functioning optimally.

What is your favorite thing about working in the Product team?

My favorite part about this job is the diversity of people, projects and skill sets with whom I get to work. My role is exciting and involves constant learning because I coordinate all these different types of expertise in order to get services live for our partners. To give you an example, my team comprises developers, data scientists, a UX designer, and a product manager. Part of my job is also to be aligned with Tiqets’ Content team, so that when a venue begins a partnership with us, I can make sure their museum, attraction or experience is ready to be booked in the language of their visitors.

Can you name a time that you felt particularly proud of some work you did?

The Booking Engine is installed with a small amount of code, which is placed into the venue’s website. This is traditionally done by the venues themselves, using our handy instructions. However, one venue partner had difficulty understanding how to do this themselves because they use a visual web builder to make their website – one that doesn’t involve any manual coding.

I realized that to create a better experience for this customer, the best solution may be to install it directly, with their permission of course. They gave me access to the tool – which I had never used before – and I managed to find out how to install the code and get the Booking Engine working! They were very happy with the result, and it gave us extra insight into how this type of installation looks for venues. 

What do you like most about working with venues?

I love being in contact with venues across the world. While it’s not always possible for me to meet them in person, I aim to have the closest alternative to that. I learn a lot from the venue partners, and it’s one of the most important parts of our business that we have direct, continuous feedback to help us improve and innovate our solutions to meet their ever-changing needs.

Additionally, it’s always a feel-good moment when you achieve great things together. Whether it’s helping an established venue reach an entirely new market through our multiple language options and payment methods, or getting a venue that doesn’t have an online ticketing solution up and running, and everything in-between. When I hear how we've helped these venues grow, generate more visibility and ultimately create a better experience for their customers, I feel a huge sense of pride for the work that we do. 

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