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Booking OTAs don’t just bring together a large volume of museums, attractions, and experiences. They actively influence customer decision-making. Here's how to get the most out of your partnerships.

In March 2021, Tiqets conducted a survey with 7,000+ participants about their tourism choices post-Covid. The results are both positive – nearly 70% of respondents said they plan to visit museums and attractions within the first month of reopening.

Pergamon Museum entrance

Get inspired by various industry examples on how to communicate the COVID-19 measures in your museum, post-lockdown.

These online marketing tips can help you grab the attention of virtual window-shoppers, regardless of whether you’re back to business as usual or virtual-only.

When the High Roller opened, they hoped for instant success. But to attract tourists they needed a digital marketing strategy and the right selling points.

Here’s why museums and attractions need to focus on attracting repeat visitors – and 10 ways they can do just that.

Attracting millennials to museums can be easy, but you need to speak their language. Here are some creative marketing ideas to engage with a younger audience!

With the help of a streamlined online ticket booking system, the Museum of Illusions Madrid managed to launch in the middle of a pandemic and adapt to various challenges, like capacity limits and sudden lockdowns.

online booking software is important for more online booking

If you’re looking into the crystal ball of 2021 and wondering what to expect, look no further than this interview about online booking software.