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Witness the unmatched elegance of Vienna's historic palace
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Meet and greet hundreds of animals at the oldest zoo in the world
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Kunsthistorisches Museum (KHM) features an extensive art collection that belonged to the once-mighty Habsburg family. It houses pieces by Caravaggio and Titian - and many other Renaissance and Baroque masterpieces. Viennese classical composers once made groundbreaking music with some of the instruments in the Historical Musical Instruments section. There are also impressive collections of coins, arms and armor, as well as Egyptian, Near Eastern, Greek, and Roman antiquities.
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With around 65,000 drawings and more than a million old master prints, the Albertina is a mightily impressive collection of art. Located in the largest Habsburg residential palace, the collection also includes more modern works - including two significant collections of Impressionist and early 20th-century art, and temporary exhibitions. Also on display are 21 exquisite Habsburg state rooms, spread over two floors of the palace.
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Explore museums, tour palaces, and ride public transport with ease in Vienna
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Witness the elegance of Lipizzaner stallions in Vienna's historic arena
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The Wiener Riesenrad, or Riesenrad, or Vienna's Giant Wheel as it's often called, is a tall Ferris wheel at the entrance to Prater amusement park in Leopoldstadt, Vienna. It is one of Vienna's most popular tourist attractions, and not to be missed for the views it offers over the city.
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Dom Museum Wien is a museum in the heart of Vienna, Austria. It houses some of the world's most important collections of antique artifacts, ranging from the Gothic period to the Art Deco movement. The collections include sculptures, precious altars, sacred objects adorned with gold and jewels, portraits, liturgical manuscripts, and books. It is also home to the Otto Mauer Collection, a vast contemporary and Avant-Garde art collection.
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Peterskirche, or St. Peter's Church, is a Roman Catholic church in the heart of Vienna, Austria. This imposing Baroque monument was built in the early 18th century, and boasts a large domed ceiling with enormous columns flanking the entrance. Entrance to the church, which was inspired by St. Peter's Basilica in Rome, is free. To really experience its grandeur, visitors can enjoy an evening with the Classic Ensemble Vienna, who perform seamless interpretations of Mozart, Beethoven, and others.
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Explore the opulent rooms, stroll around UNESCO gardens and learn about Habsburg history
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The strange cuboid building in Vienna's fashionable Museumsquartier contains the most-visited museum in the city. The Leopold Museum has a remarkable collection of Viennese Art Nouveau, the Vienna Workshop, and of the Expressionist period. It also has the largest Egon Schiele collection in the world - plus masterpieces by Gustav Klimt. There are also revolving exhibitions and a great shop and cafe (with a great view overlooking the Museumsquartier).
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St. Charles Church by night
Karlskirche - St. Charles' Church in Vienna - St. Charles Borromeo - is considered the most important sacred building north of the Alps. It was built at the behest of Emperor Charles VI in 1716, after the last great plague epidemic, and was completed in 1737. In 1741, Antonio Vivaldi was buried right next to the Karlskirche. It was the imperial patron church until 1918. Today, you can experience authentic concerts in the Karlskirche with the Orchestra 1756 and its soloists playing baroque instruments.
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Located on Domgasse, the great composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart lived here from 1784 to 1787. This former residence is now a three-level exhibition on his life. It's in Vienna's Old Town, not far from St. Stephen's Cathedral.
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