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Get your fill of Ireland's best-known beer in Dublin
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This is the original Jameson Distillery Bow St., where distiller John Jameson first set up shop in 1780. Over 230 years and a major renovation later, it now hosts fun and fascinating experiences such as premium whiskey tasting, whiskey-blending lessons, and cocktail-crafting classes.
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Founded back in 1220, Saint Patrick's Cathedral in Dublin is the National Cathedral of the Church of Ireland. It's also the tallest church in Ireland, boasting a 43-metre spire and some pretty impressive Gothic architecture. A well on the grounds of the cathedral is said to have been used by St. Patrick himself to baptize Ireland's pagan population into Christianity. The grounds are also the burial site of the Anglo-Irish writer of Gulliver's Travels, Jonathan Swift. Today, the cathedral is one of Dublin's must-see landmarks for visitors to the Fair City.
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EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum is situated in the lively Custom House Quarter building in Dublin's port district. The museum brings Ireland's fascinating history to life with immersive and interactive exhibits, video galleries, motion sensor quizzes, remastered archival material from 100 years ago, and more. EPIC is dedicated to the far-reaching influence of Irish emigration, and the impact of the 10 million Irish men and women who left Ireland for foreign shores.
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The nectar of life is all around you at one of Dublin's top attractions - the Irish Whiskey Museum. Here's where to come for a full lowdown on whiskey's history and to see some very cool whiskey memorabilia from the 1800s. The Irish Whiskey Museum is located right in the heart of Dublin, by Trinity College.
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Jeanie Johnston, Dublin's Docklands
One million Irish people fled Ireland during the famine. 2,500 took a gruelling voyage on the Jeanie Johnston. Take a journey back in time, get an insight into life on board a Famine ship and hear the stories of the people who made the arduous voyage.
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From U2 to Enya and beyond, Ireland has made its mark on the music industry. At The Irish Rock 'n' Roll Museum Experience you'll get to load up on the history of the music scene in an iconic building in the center of the city. Who knows who you might find recording, or hanging out in the rehearsal rooms at this fully functional studio? It's only 5 minutes from Trinity College Dublin and easily accessible via public transport to Dublin’s famous Temple Bar. Rock on!
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The GPO Museum is located inside the General Post Office on Dublin's O’Connell Street. This grand building, designed by Francis Johnston in 1814, is easy to reach by Dublin Bus, as well as via Bus Éireann and other national bus companies. It's also a three-minute walk from the Abbey Street stop on the Luas Red Line.
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MoLI is the museum of literature for the world’s greatest storytellers. Inside the University College Dublin Newman House location on St Stephen's Green, you can discover Ireland’s rich literary heritage from past to present. There's immersive exhibitions, treasures from the National Library of Ireland, and a tranquil gardens and a café to relax in.
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Windmill Lane Recording Studios is one of Ireland's most iconic music recording studios. Opened in 1978 in Dublin, the studio has been used by some of the world's biggest artists and bands, including The Rolling Stones, Kate Bush, The Cranberries, U2, Hozier, Van Morrison, Sinead O’Connor, Metallica, Def Leppard, Lady Gaga, and many others. Still a fully operational recording studio, Windmill Lane now also offers tours of its hallowed halls, where visitors can discover the history of the studio, learn about the recording and music production process, and even mix their own session with the help of expert producers and sound engineers.
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Built around 1028, Christ Church is Dublin’s premier cathedral. Remarkably, this medieval structure is the nominal seat of both the Anglican (Church of Ireland) and Roman Catholic archbishops of Dublin. It's also one of two medieval cathedrals in the same city.
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If you like a little tipple on a day trip, here's a destination for the Dublin list. The Teeling Whiskey Distillery, right in the heart of the city centre is the perfect place for anyone interested in Dublin's association – or, more accurately, obsession – with Irish whiskey. The Bang Bang Bar has great views over the city, and the on-site café has delicious food to help soak up all that booze.
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The Dublin Liberties Distillery
Nestled in the vibrant heart of Dublin, the Dublin Liberties Distillery is a beguiling blend of age-old charm and modern vibrancy. Embark on a captivating journey through a bustling whiskey distillery, guided by the intricate details of its operation. Your adventure commences with a tempting Dubliner Honeycomb, a warm and inviting prelude. Then, surrender to the indulgence of tasting our carefully crafted whiskeys, each sip a moment to cherish in the snug atmosphere of the distillery bar or the secluded blenders room. Immerse yourself in the essence of Dublin whiskey production, a rich and evocative fusion of time-honoured tradition and forward-thinking innovation.
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